Let’s have an inquiry into who leaked Cliff raid.” Make that a People’s Tribunal. Coruscating stuff from @AnnaRaccoon via the Superb @BarristerBlog Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott (@Barristerblog)

15/08/2014 08:42

“Let’s have inquiry into who leaked Cliff raid.” Make that a Peoples Tribunal. Coruscating stuff from @AnnaRaccoon1 annaraccoon.com/2014/08/15/cli…


As Sent from my iPad   The Original Tweet by Matthew Scott of @BarristerBlog



Locate the Fans.





The Fans need to see the Story and the Tweets relating to  Cliffs unjust brush with the Law.

The Law as seen on Twitter from Phil TS Smith, John Cooper QC and Matthew Scott.

‘I am saying this more and more but thank God for Social Media & the chance it gives to be heard as with #ashya s family countering Hospital; John Cooper (@John_Cooper_QC) //twitter.com/John_Cooper_QC/statuses/506417506257760256″>September 1, 2014

John Cooper concludes after the breaking of the #AshyaKing Story which has led to the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) against the five year old with brain cancers parents  being dropped) The Case is still ongoing so watch this Space.. (John Cooper QC has played a leading role in exposing the #AshyaKing Legal Fiasco,but there are other [Legal] Instances of  Groundbreaking Legal Stories being launched or exposed on Twitter E.g .#CSASurvivors #PeoplesTribunal now starting up (with the formation of the Steering Commitee).

Sensationalisation & grandstanding of pre-arrest house search such an early stage in the criminal process cannot be justified #CliffRichard; Phil Smith (@PhilSmith_TS)  https://twitter.com/PhilSmith_TS/statuses/499952178791194624″>August 14,


Shocking publicity given to search of Cliff Richard home TV captures the moment Obvious tip-off Question Police’s role Not even arrested yet</p>&mdash; Phil Smith (@PhilSmith_TS)href=”https://twitter.com/PhilSmith_TS/statuses/499905401178324994″>August 14, 2014

The Man himself  Cliff Richard speaks up about the Child Abuse Raid



I am discussing the need for anonymity pre charge for people on at just after 12 noon today.


Dear Cliff Richard Fans this is the QC who broke the Cliff Richard unjust child abuse raid via his good friend and excellent Lawyer Phil TS Smith.

Sensationalisation & grandstanding of pre-arrest house search such an early stage in the criminal process cannot be justified

  • Shocking publicity given to search of Cliff Richard home TV captures the moment Obvious tip-off Question Police’s role Not even arrested yet

    John Cooper QC’s Followers are now at 13.5k an All Time High. He is clearly doing something right!

    What you need to do is realise what the Police, in not following the correct Legal Procedure have in effect smeared your Hero forcing him to hire Lawyers to fight to clear his name.  You know the character and personality of the man you adore and so rightfully follow. You are fans because you know he is a good person not just great at what he does

    Listen to Matthew Scott, Listen to  the tweets posted via John Cooper QC’s Twitter Page by the excellent Phil TS Smith then listen to this.


    This Article will be updated as and when.









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    The [Criminal] Justice System STILL needs to be saved


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    Gary Bell Animal QC Lawyer and Legal Knowledge out of nowt

    Gary Bell QC

    Animal QC:My Preposterous Life

    Out of Nowt QC Law,QC Lawyer

    Five Stars *****

    Gary Bell’s Crazy anarchic Rollercoaster of a life is proof that becoming a Lawyer is possible.

    Gary Bell 101

    Working Class background.Check

    Football Fan Check.

    A chequered work history CHECK.

    The lovely thing is his chequered Work History.A lovely down to earth man who fraternizes with all Classes.He marries a Toff. An honest man who SAYS IT ALL! He obviously got the Legal know how despite some very dodgy looking academics!(by practice not standard which is sky high btw!).

    This is an unvarnished account of good old fashioned working class boy who deservedly made good and burst into tears when he was made QC.

    Go buy this folks.If he can do it?











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    Daniel Greenberg on Nonsense Legislation


    accessed 3rd december 2015
    By Daniel Greenberg

    An increasing proportion of legislation has little or no effect: in 2010, Parliament even passed two entire Acts without a single genuine legislative proposition.

    For example, the Anti-Slavery Day Act 2010 requires an annual Anti-Slavery Day to be specified, but says nothing about how the day is to be observed, by whom, or what will happen if they don’t. The Fiscal Responsibility Act 2010 not only has no effect, but even expressly warns the courts not to treat it as though it did – see s 4(3).

    It is my assertion that non-legislation of this kind seriously damages the rule of law.

    First, it erodes respect for the law because how can I respect a law that requires the Treasury to comply with a vague duty, and whose only descent into clarity is to say that it doesn’t matter if the duty is ignored?

    Secondly, nonsense legislation places a strain on the judiciary. The Child Poverty Act 2010, for example, requires the Secretary of State to set targets, but failure to meet them has no legal consequence. If a Government decision is challenged on the grounds that it will contribute to failure to meet targets, are the courts to dismiss the challenge on the grounds that Parliament never meant the targets to have any effect (which diminishes respect for the law), or are they to invent some kind of effect (which amounts to unaccountable judicial law-making)?

    Slavery, fiscal responsibility and child poverty are too serious to be trivialised by the enactment of pointless law. Legislation should be used only for problems that can be solved by creating rights and duties with real content and an effective mechanism for enforcement.

    I agree Parliamentary time is too important to be wasted on the creation of bad irrelevant Law.

    * Parliamentary Counsel from 1991 to 2010; now Parliamentary Counsel in Berwin Leighton Paisner’s Parliamentary team, and editor of Craies on Legislation.

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    Help support Independent Retailers.

    The quality of my food has skyrocketed and the prices are reasonable too.
    Lots to love.

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    Errington [Raw Milk] Cheese saved from extinction from the indefatigable Joanna Blythman Champion Advocate of REAL UNPROCESSED LOCALLY SOURCED BIODYNAMIC OR ORGANIC FOODS.

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    The effects of wild fish farming on wild fish in Scotland. | The Pace Brothers – Filmmakers, Hunters, Conservationists


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    How Google Blocked A Guerrilla Fighter In The Ad War


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