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The [Criminal] Justice System STILL needs to be saved

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Gary Bell Animal QC Lawyer and Legal Knowledge out of nowt

Gary Bell QC Animal QC:My Preposterous Life Out of Nowt QC Law,QC Lawyer Five Stars ***** Gary Bell’s Crazy anarchic Rollercoaster of a life is proof that becoming a Lawyer is possible. Gary Bell 101 Working Class background.Check Football Fan … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenberg on Nonsense Legislation 3rd december 2015By Daniel Greenberg An increasing proportion of legislation has little or no effect: in 2010, Parliament even passed two entire Acts without a single genuine legislative proposition. For example, the Anti-Slavery Day Act 2010 requires an … Continue reading

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Help support Independent Retailers.

The quality of my food has skyrocketed and the prices are reasonable too. Lots to love.

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Errington [Raw Milk] Cheese saved from extinction from the indefatigable Joanna Blythman Champion Advocate of REAL UNPROCESSED LOCALLY SOURCED BIODYNAMIC OR ORGANIC FOODS.

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The effects of wild fish farming on wild fish in Scotland. | The Pace Brothers – Filmmakers, Hunters, Conservationists

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How Google Blocked A Guerrilla Fighter In The Ad War

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