NO Law School Training NO LLB NO BPTC I am a [Rookie] Non Lawyer

I am

NOT Legally qualified

.or Legally Trained. (LLB, BPTC, Pupillage, Junior Junior Barrister);

I have NEVER been to Law School, or done an LLB or any kind of Training.


trying to write great LAW POSTS

commenting on the Law, [trying] to HELP the Legal Profession, and  trying to be an Overall GOOD Bod that excites the Defence, than be Prosecuted in Criminal and or Civil Terms.

I am trying to set up an Advocacy Org for   the General Public.

I have every intentions of answering calls for the Prosecution and Defence on that score.

I believe there is much to be gained from Members of the Public poncing about in Wig and Gowns. I believe the Law is too important to JUST be left to School kids a worthy audience.

So please…if you are thinking of doing me over in some way PLEASE dream of some fantastic DEFENCE!