This Layman’s Campaigning Law Blog is a carefully curated selection of thoughts and my own perspectives



I am trying to think beyond what us Save UK Justice Campaigners are thinking and tweeting in order to help us  problem solve as well us gainfully employ the very many rich rich insights posted in order to advance the Campaign, found on numerous Blogs.


Frequent Themes on Save UK Justice Twitter/Blogs that I notice that makes me think ‘Is there a way to think BEYOND the constraints rightfully and justfully expressed HERE’?’


Apathy and Defeatism: what I see when i read the #saveukjustice Feeds are lots and lots of [legitimate] complaints. What is lacking IMHO is the creative thinking that thinks out of the box to generate solutions. (original comment from Simon Csoksa QC)

The Bar particularly Criminal but also Civil plus other parts of The Bar ( I am NOT a Lawyer btw but over a year have hung out seriously with many lovely Top Lawyers) is under unprecedented attack. For instance you cannot stage a Marrache 8 Month Complex Difficult Fraud Trial because there aint the Counsel to prosecute/defend in it because of the pay plus issues.

Lawyering at it ‘s most critical Advocacy, Repping, provision and education of   Advocates is under constant assault by the Government. The Lunatics have taken over the asylum.

The Bar and its Sols equivalent (woes I don’t know but need to know about that affect Practice) have been weak not fighting back as the Government assault has rained down. Not anymore. ( Lincolns Inn Saving the Independent Bar for the Public Good)

Lawyers in other domains ie Gibralter, The Falklands, Australia, etc must not themselves fall under a similar spell but rather fight back.

We as a Campaign face the same problems that confronted John Cook when it comes to any legal action?? that we might do or not do  against Failing Grayling (brilliant term courtesy of John Cooper QC!) in order to sto.p him.

In addition we seem to have a Government that puts itself above the Rule of Law in being submitted to it as Charles II reluctantly was.(prosecuted under a term I have forgotton that secured his execution)



  1.  How Government Money is spent instead on  Representing Joe Public in properly executed Court Trials. HOW DO WE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?
  2. The unholy chaos in the Courts.(Interpretation Fiasco’s, Court Delays, wasted Journey’s by Counsel, LAA/Sols not paying Counsel on time) HOW DO WE RESOLVE THESE URGENT PRESSING AND ONGOING CRISES?
  3.  The relentless inescapable creeping Privatization that is being forced upon us by a determined Right Wing Neoliberal  Regime  .
  4.  Lord Chancellor Sagas #FailingGrayling #FlailingGrayling unjustified unlawful actions and the numerous ways he conspicuously does not live up to or try to attempt to fulfill his Constitutional Role to his role as Lord Chancellor/Justice  Secretary.( I believe under a Constitution Act 2005 which defines his Roles and Responsibilities) SOME INTERESTING STUFF ON SAVE UK JUSTICE HERE!
  5.  Protest done as Legal Documents ie Special Orders ( you learn something new everyday on this Campaign!!!) Most  educating. INFORMAL LEGAL ED VIA ZILLIONS OF LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS ETC FOLLOWING YOU.


The wholly just righteous exposure of the real life working life and conditions of The  Criminal (and other Bar) and the sufferings in Law of our Solicitor Comrades. ( I am speaking as a Non Lawyer who hopefully can put herself in the shoes of her suffering Learned Friends) The Junior Bar suffers especially so. Woes  to do with the Work-Life Balance. Social Life, Love Lives, Sex Lives and the like.


I like to entertain the notion that we as a Campaign can learn to think out the box,



Retouched (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


challenge and test our imaginations,  (lawfully,proportionately etc!) in order to help our powers of Collective Advocacy.


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