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‘including a couple of Barristers on my books’ No two Work Programme clients were alike How close are those two barristers to joining me in Supported Housing? (I had two barristers on my case load for example) The Question I wish to ask is how long before these two Barristers now unemployed come join me in Supported Housing? The  between the working  Barrister and Lawyer and … Continue reading

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These Greedy Corporations are forcing their will on us by forcing Recommendations and stealing readers data via amazon kindle

#privacy #datamining #amazon #facebook #google #googlechrome #youtube Youtube is denying me choice by forcing suggestions on me which now occupy the viewing window. Google don’t want me to think for myself or determine what I shall watch myself. These suggestions … Continue reading

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Help me find the 50 human rights cases absolutely everyone needs to know about. What is the Criteria by which HR Cases can be judged

I think this is a great idea. I must admit I am ignorant of Human Rights Cases but this strikes me as a great idea hence reblogging on my Lay Law Blog site. nb i am tempted to get Kindle … Continue reading

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we are shit at #lovemakesusgoaggghcrisis

You have been sent 1 picture. 4013005494_d82c235922 a hoopy frood always knows where his towel is.jpg These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google. Try it out here:

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My Sexaul Brokeness Theory where even fucking cant save you SERIAL adultery being worst case scenario

This is a Playlist in development where my basic Theory is HAVING FULL SEX IE INTERCOURSE to a serial adulter/ress  is the most difficult scenario to heal marriage wise. This puts one in position of dick/pussy of the year competing … Continue reading

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Daniel and Petra Love Story: Prison kept us apart but LOVE(where we really got to know one another)brought us together Daniel Genis Friday 13 February 2015 15.00 GMT Daniel I married Petra Szabo in June 2003. By November, I was arrested for five counts of armed robbery; by our first anniversary, the department of corrections housed me in a … Continue reading

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Magna Carta 800 years on Come and Join the Relay for Rights originally posted by John Cooper

Relay for Rights JA_runnymede_A5flyer-page-001 February 23rd 2015 is the 799th and 8 month anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. This non anniversary is being used by the government to host The Global Law Summit “a unique opportunity to … Continue reading

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