I am proud to say I passed ‘Introduction to American Law’ with 85 percent. 

I am proud to have passed’ Introduction to American Law’ with 85 percent’


 It was my first real introduction to 1L Law but from an American perspective.

 And the first time ever I got introduced to Civil Procedure!!

This was the Subject that caused me more angst than all the others; that spurred me to read Papers by Academics that showed the way.

 It was whilst googling I discovered Arthur Miller a reknowned legal academic an expert in Civil Procedure!!

 He opened my eyes to how Civil Procedure is used to deny access to the courts instead of open them.


Rule 23 is thrwarted by The Federal Arbitration Act which cuts off Class Actions.( which Corporations quietly sneaked in unawares)

 Class Actions require Certification a key issue 

Rule 12(b) and Rule 56 Notice Pleading seems to be used to strike out advocacy with hidden rules in Contract Cases.

(In Contract Cases it would appear that your poor lawyer needs to be a Contract specialist who can not merely plead a Case line by line but negotiate hidden Contract law obstacles!!)*

*Contract Disputes Act Casebook Landmark Publications.

 Arguments were struck out by claims of misuse or absence of jurisdiction; something the U.S. is unsurprisingly big on as correct jurisdiction ( subject matter,personal,choice of forum,choice of law, various Jurisdiction Doctrines..) given that lawyers have to determine appropriate jurisdiction and therefore applicable State Law all goes into making a Case and that is minus substantive parts! often combined e.g. Contract,Tort, Property.Cases I have read don’t appear to be about one type of Law!

 So instead of hating Civil Procedure I LOVED it passing the Exam easily first time with 100 percent!

 This Course by Coursera has set me off on a journey to do more Courses on Subjects in the Course.

Constitutional Law Erwin Chereminsky is my man who happens to be a Commentator on Criminal Procedure the most interesting of all my Con law options.

Common Law U.S. style the counterpart to English Common Law Strutures and Principles.

Environmental Law and Policies.Good resources on this to more than prepare me for the Course.

Human Rights in open Societies.

I am more than overdue to do a Human Rights Course this is a start 

The International Criminal Court in three Courses!

Children’s Law nuff said it is appalling to see children( like animals) out on the street. When I see my how wonderful happy children are.How shameful these little ones suffer so 

 Animal Law Edinburgh University too good to miss!

 As you see I am on a journey.

 I like to prepare by marshalling resources my own way in order to confront the challenges head on.

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