#Shrinkflation means we are not buying goods that conform to the Trade Descriptions Act we are denied Statutory Definitions

Why is it that we as shoppers manipulated by massive internet giants are denied statutory definitions of products we buy for particular purposes?
It seems that when we buy Sourdough we don’t buy Sourdough as under the Trade Descriptions Act SECTION SUBSECTIONS HERE we don’t get Sourdough but something SHRINKFLATION has barstardised for profit.
Other items are also uip for grabs. Why doesn’t that waterproof clothing have a Law to define ‘Waterproof’? Surely there should be Universal Reliable Authorative Standard that consumers can rely on would help profitability??!!
#Shrinkflation is screwing with the quality of goods so nothing is as advertised,with marketing style over substance.
What goods products services have been subject to #Shrinkflation? Ought we to demand Legal Definitions of what we,buy in order that shopping May truly benefit us and profit businesses?

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