A reply to Francis Fitzgibbon QC’s open letter

Campaign Superstars: John Cooper QC, Mark George QC, James Vine, Rebecca Herbert. The CBA and other bodies have always needed Lawyerly voices with their wigs and gowns on to counter the entropy of Bodies supposed to represent the Legal Profession at it’s time of need from ducking out of their Roles.


Dear Francis

Thank you for the kind things you have said about me at the start of your open letter.  I am glad to accept the opportunity you have given me to answer your questions and explain my position more clearly.

Meetings with the MoJ jointly with the CLSA/LCCSA

If it was bad enough that the infamous Grayling ‘deal’ left our solicitor colleagues high and dry when they were key to the success of both the days of action and the no returns policy, then the bear-baiting that Tony Cross QC has consistently indulged in ever since his first Monday Message was unforgivable.    If I get elected Vice-Chair I will do all in my power to ensure that there are urgent talks with not only the CLSA and LCCSA but also if possible with the BFG.

At the time I wrote my manifesto I had not thought there would…

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