How the Law Works Gary Slapper a Review

A book to refer too again and again.

Big heavy Law books at least a thousand pages plus long and even more!

Big heavy Law books at least a thousand pages plus long and even more!

His total commitment to Justice evidenced by the inclusion of Law as addressed to Corporate Malfeasance which gets away from the extensive Criminalization of the Poor.
His meticulous etymological attention to detail.

So what Gary has to offer?
His total brilliance as a Teacher of the Law taking you by the hand through the Law-As-it-is not [unfortunately] as we would like it to be (that includes Reformist LAWYERS by the way not just{ indignant] Non Lawyers)
His Professional Honesty by writing  Weird Cases a Case in point illustrating that Lawyers are both exceedingly lovely AND loathesome, no more than any other type of human being/Profession.
He covers
The Importance of the Law. This is the Law that needs defending, expounding,reforming (Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act, LASPO 2012 ++ repealed,Corroboration saved!, The Bribery Act used!!)
The Judiciary, Lawyers who appear in front of them, Cases how they go through the Courts, CASE TECHNIQUE,(find the ratio of a Case especially when you are faced with widely diverse assortment of Opinions many pages long!) Statutory Interpretation, a key skill. Types of Law: Common Judge led Law, Statutory Law, Regulations and so forth. The Jury, Language and the Law an absolutely Key aspect of the Law*** which his his peculiar gift to the World. Lastly a Miscellany.
This is a book to recommend to every Wannabe Lawyer; but more importantly and significantly IMHO to every curious but potentially Legally serious NON LAWYERS, NON Lawyers who wish to interact with the Law in a #shithot way








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