More on those Greedy Corporations acting Ultra Vires Part II I believe because of a legal loophole in ECHR ‘public bodies’ not Corporations

Amazon flogging of Kindle Editions of books. Kindle books mean Amazon can gather Big Reading Habits Data which is NEVER stated at the point of sale.
Amazon uses Boilerplate Contracts to bind users to conditions like Internet Advertising, Data gathering etc. Profits before people.

Apple automatically turns on Apps suggestions meaning it has to scan your device for apps ( Ipad Iphone) meaning loss of privacy at device level.
All internet giants turn on Location Services for all apps automatically so to serve you Location based targeted behavioural advertising.
Locations are irrevelant unless otherwise when they would be helpful.
Tune In suggests Radio Stations Suggestions are ultra vires Tune in is looking corporate interferer because selling Listeners Listening Data is a very lucrative exercise.
Locations being revealed automatically denys privacy. I don’t want people to know where I am unless otherwise!
Facebook insists on me filling in details about where I went to university, where I live I don’t fill in the forms simples! FB wants to know the apps I am using, the books and films I have watched and read. It is none of their business. FB friends don’t get me when they should.

I delight in FB getting it wrong as it proves my strategy is working.
Apps require too many intrusive permissions.
Apps on twitter claim they practically own my account and can they can post what they want but they can’t. Denial of private use of twitter account.
Google serves me personalized search forcing me into an internet bubble.
Bring back ordinairy serendipitous search!

Our data is being stolen without our permission or with contracts that disadvantage meaning we lose our right to sue the companies for liabilities incurred as a result of their service.
I don’t fill in whether I own an item when Amazon asks me if I own the above item I have, what I own or don’t own is none of their business.
I used to love Amazon but now I know they used my love to build a business hostile to my interests as a customer. Independent businesses ie Wildy’s will get my trade not Amazon.
Any way I can take business off Amazon I will. Amazon as result of my hatred has given me more space on my Wishlist! I will use wishlist to shop elsewhere!
Corporate use of VARIABLE pricing is used to disadvantage consumer at point of sale.
Tesco uses minute changes in pack size to con Customers ie 97% 86% it then claims prices are lower. Tesco uses surveillance to monitor customers. Tesco uses automatic tills to cut down on jobs for staff but staffed tills make for a better more accurate shopping experience and its friendlier!
FB users don’t realise that FB is surveilling them for Advertising purposes it is less a social network more a data gathering network for advertisers. I WILL NOT use Zuckerbergs Book club it is just his ways of getting FB users to tell him what fucking books they are reading and for FB to get reading data starting with books.
I do not or very rarely heed FB suggestions. I am glad to decieve them.
I do NOT submit form data FB is trying to put pressure on me to submit data which I refuse to do.
There are no FB refuseniks on FB is FB suppressing them?
Google is forcing Google plus on me. My photos are regular up served to their servers without my permission and I have deleted all circles. I refuse to participate.
Google is using gmail to try to get me into its stupid network. I hate FB but would rather use it selectively than participate in googles disgusting social network.

Recommendations are the industry means of forcing marketing on me unwanted disregarded. Amazon now uses layers of marketing to sell to me after a purchase. It calls the free download of apps purchases as if!
Amazon hijacks my wishlist to sell in its buy again add on.
But I take delight in avoiding the brands looking for the Professionals equipment from dental to cookware! I find professionals products are best for the job unless otherwise!! All I have to do is be able to buy to be off off and away.
Amazon doesn’t let you buy a kindle book they turn it into a paid lease!
We are denied the right to buy!!!
My Local Tesco ATM serves me fucking advertising and Tesco have errected a bloody big screen just facing the ATM’s. I just bypass it by choosing to enter the store via the opposite end where it looks out to the sqaure. Where advertising is served I counter it. One must mentally jam advertising which is forced on us willy nilly with no regard to our wishes. Advertising is another way for the neoliberal elite to force layer upon layer of injustice on us from us not being able to afford our own property becoming Generation Rent to the work life balance. Our CJS is being dismantled so only the rich have access to the Courts and to make sustain any kind of poor mans law lawyers are forced to work pro bono. An unsustainable proposition whatever the benefits of pro bono.
Apple forces my data to the cloud where it can mine my data.
Cloud Services are the industry’s way of industry wise wide scale datamining they plug into social networks which the industry uses for Big data. That’s why I avoid Social networking and choose to ration my use of it to it’s most annoying ie for legal campaigning.
It is rubbish to say cloud services avoid being hosted on servers. All data is hosted on servers end of.
Once again alerting you to what is really going on.

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