These Greedy Corporations are forcing their will on us by forcing Recommendations and stealing readers data via amazon kindle



Youtube is denying me choice by forcing suggestions on me which now occupy the viewing window.
Google don’t want me to think for myself or determine what I shall watch myself.
These suggestions interupt chains of thought that are constructive, often what is suggested is plain insensitive being based on algorithms instead of faulty humans.
Facebook is trying to force me to fill in intrusive questions about where I went to University as if it was their business to know and who I bloody well know!!
It is none of FB business who I fucking know or not as the case maybe. Fb suggesting I might know so and so is intrusive and ultra vires.
Goodreads most distressingly is forcing suggestions and recommendations which I have strenously avoided by forcing suggestions on left hand side of the screen because I rated a book five stars. I feel inclined to stop favourites and clean goodreads taken over by the very selfish amazon of any clues as to what books I like bar the most pain in the arse ones. I am being misunderstood on Goodreads by a load of readers who view my observations with contempt. But I know what I see and must alert my readers to what is going on.
I am most concerned at amazons grip on goodreads. On Kindle via the ipad app I now get told how long it will take me to read a book. I have an app which tells me that and I don’t need this intrusion.
Amazon forces me to effectively sign a boiler plate contract on internet advertising (yuck) and other crap on signing in.
My amazon phone before I knew how to switch them off forced recommendations on me!!! Wtf it’s a private phone not a bloody shop!!!
I thought my Law blog readers needed to know this. I hope you understand.
I will report back further.
These Corporations are behaving ultra vires. ( beyond their powers in legal jargon)

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