Help me find the 50 human rights cases absolutely everyone needs to know about. What is the Criteria by which HR Cases can be judged

I think this is a great idea.
I must admit I am ignorant of Human Rights Cases but this strikes me as a great idea hence reblogging on my Lay Law Blog site.
nb i am tempted to get Kindle Version of Key HR Cases just so I can join in!!! tI am aiming at ten but will give me scope to add more if needed in order to fit Adam Wagners Original Request. I also wish to show I have given this some serious thought in how I would evaluate Cases with the attendant Criteria:  Discrimination Law?Police and Public Order?

Freedom of Speech? Right to Life.  This way when I eventually get back to reading John Cooper QC’s  ‘Cruelty-an analysis of Article 3’ I will come to it with refreshed and more informed eyes.


I have read Human Rights: Key Facts Key Cases Peter Halstead 2014 Routledge

in the Kindle Edition

  1. READ R v Oakes the Grandaddy of Proportionality Cases.
  2.  READING Daly which looks like a Prima Facie Case which expounds the Right of Prisoners who have private access to their Solicitors expounded brilliantly,
  3. I am going to read  Wade v Sheffield Hallam Reasonable Adjustments
  4. I am probably including the Sex in a Hotel Case from the COP (Court of Protection) Practioners who seem to have gone mad in supplying Cases.
  5. An obligatory Gay Rights Case.

I should be able to make some kind of statement about the state of Human Rights Law even though rough based on sources.

At least it would be attempt to answer the Question from an unqualifed not legally trained (bar exceptionally high Informal Legal Ed via the Save UK Justice Campaign) who is neither a Law Student or a Lawyer in an effort to practice even as an absolute Beginner, Shit Hot Law in accordance with my stated and well known ambitions to set up an Organisation that gets the snazzy sassy sexy General Public learning how to mock trial and then some!

UK Human Rights Blog

PrintFollowers of the blog will know I am developing a new initiative, the Human Rights Information Project (HRIP). The aim is to radically rethink the way we communicate about human rights.

I need some help from you. I want to crowd-source data from readers of this blog about the 50 human rights cases absolutely everyone needs to know about. All contributors  will be attributed on the HRIP site and I will publish the text of the best nominations.

This data is going to be a central the project so I would really appreciate you taking the time to help out.

Here are the criteria:

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