Posts of the Year: A Review of 2014 in Supporting UK Justice: For the Defence a Laymans Perspective

The only Legal Journal that matters.  focusing entirely Justice,in all it’s many aspects Human and animal Rights applied to  Practitioners of the Magistrates Court.

Sorting out the Subscription  would mean I  at last to get access to all the Archives, John Cooper QC Op Eds on the Campaign, Legislation, Cases etc and thus my Legal Education and work to become a Legal Blogger can continue too apace. #GemmaBlytheTraceyMahonLegalBloggersnowKatefollowintheirfootstepsmakepplproud!!


#Law #LawStudentProblems #LawSchool #NonLawyers #EpicLIPsdoingstunningadvocacythatisrecognisedbytheProfession

The Marrache Trial Posts massive hits with my first foray into Trial Reporting a  CFT (Complex Fraud Trial) no less.#inathedeependwithJohnCooperQC

The Marrache Fraud Trials Verdicts: The Marrache Brothers are found guilty with Leanne Turner found not guilty I don’t think this Trial has been fair 395 views over the Year.

@IssacMassias  of MassiasLaw Gibralter immediately RT my conclusions

Marrache Case Commentary John Cooper QC provides a blow by blow guide to what is going on #TRIALS 389  views

The Marrache Trial updated: Drama, an Abuse of Process Claim, Geoffrey Grigson hears the Evidence on his own, and a stroppy Lawyer Defendant kicking up a fuss in the Dock

I reveal my #DisadvantagedSleuthing to the [Legal] World. 895 views the world flocks to my other blog which reveals my original work in exposing God TV for the bankrupt false fraudsters they are who are living off other peoples money for gain.

My famous Whistleblowing Post which actually gives God TV Employees, former Senior Leadership Members to come forward.  The legions of unpaid Suppliers are next on the whistleblowing front. Doctrinal errors can come under the microscope too as we witness the so-called Five Fold Apostolic Prophetic Movement evade  scrutiny. Needless to say it would be grand to be able to bring Cases against this lot and I have the perfect   person in mind.


Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Favourited by the epic @PhilTSSmith a very satisfying Post to write and most enlightening from The New Law Journal when I went on a  Post-Brainstorm Binge on discovering some wonderful News!!!! #Epicbeyondwords

( I have loads of FREE Articles from Criminal Law and Justice Weekly saved up as well as when I can New Law Journal, Counsel Magazine, whatever I can lay my crafty little mits on so easy to post up  Article even if Premium!!) 143 views

There has since been a veritable shitstorm since that day. I want with all my heart to work with John Cooper QC on it.#LawyerlyTasksthisNonLawyercandowithsupervisionteachingandhelp 79 views

There are whole load of crisis posts too many to mention but this sums up what needs to happen to bring life back to normal.#makeloveliterallyandmetaphoricallyspeakingonehappycampaignfamilylovingeachothereverywhichwayin themostincrediblewaysandyouhavecomplicatedloveslives!! #justice!!

I have chosen these Posts not only because they were popular but because they were important.

On the discovery of VERY GOOD NEWS (redacted but disoverable by the right hands) I had an absolute  #lawarticlefest meaning I have plenty of material to work on. I hope to write the best posts possible in as many ways emmmulating my #legalhero John Cooper QC to whom i dedicate this blog.

I want you to be proud

Kate xxx

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