Intefering Meddling containment


Social Media Campaign via Twitter and Youtube.

Hostile Cross Examination that is completely biased partisan one -sided.

Damaging activities per se of the good relationships and people in the Campaign especially me who is and has most vulnerable.
Imposing own voice/solutions unwanted on my situation.
Pity only falling in love and real friendship are the antidotes for this
Patronizing me in any and any form,
MISdiagnosis alleged learning difficulties immediately on getting to Casualty written hard copy on my Notes as if gospel truth!!
‘A lifelong history of MISdiagnosis’ is quite frankly scandalous.
Projection of wounded appetites and experiences onto me .


Containment per se.
Boxing in, l.imiting me and room to manouvre.
Shackles.take the shackles off my feet so I can dance.
Lack of independent operating and thinking that is liberating.
Deprivation of experiences needed to cope with new experiences as they come along.
Not listening
Not bothering to do donkey work in getting to know me and reaching conclusions on me based not based on getting to know me.
Not using forensic advocacy skills to learn how to get it right.
Not trusting in my abilities to handle new complex difficult situations based on forced sleuthing that is hindered by lack of real life Highest quality intelligence.
Uninformed opinions based on faults of mine that I have remedied am in process of remedying or intend to remedy.
Rating your sexaul and romantic history over my own unjust exclusions of me .
Dismissal of me as a sexaul and romantic human being because my honesty somehow disqualifies me from being part of an ongoing conversation, an ongoing war between two competing marital parties. The Good Wifes Guide excluded me, dismissed me out of hand.
Taking the piss of course I don’t know who you are/were ( I take it you had to start somewhere before you became a know it all sex fiend) out of my forced deprivation of becoming Mrs Dreamguy, of losing my hated despised born again virginity forced on me by the an ignorant family centred church for whom forced singles don’t exist.
Religious interference sub tle that do not take account of the facts of the case even though distorted lens as if God would support that!!
Rigged Court processes in analogy to real life whole crisis conducted without proper legal procedure, representation on both sides, independent and impartial thinking.
A vile crime.
Not giving answers to straight questions:why did you unfollow me you are lawyers for fucks sake.
Any litigious or legal action from Court of Protection to Injunctions. If you look at Police computers ( if criminal lawyers) you will NOT find my name there. Whatever is and has gone wrong here has NOT resulted in my arrest or detention in police cells. I have never been bailed.
Criminalization of mother nature. Dismissing of mother nature.

Corporate Ultra Vires interference using disruption to interfere with relationships or not, relating or not (FB)to do with listening to music on youtube (forced suggestions)
Taking away of the anarchic internet google facebook when google facebook are merely companies who have to be subject to the will of hte people and properly representative government

deprived of Campaign people to talk to who are unconditionally supportive, impartial who give high intelligence and advice who are on your side. When you know everyone is biased it wounds you and turns you against people whose side you need to be on or am so wounded that particular people never come into the equation on account of bias.

Bias and partisanship per se.
Using Legal action has a form of controlling people being a controlling and manipulative psycho.
Harming my family and harming reputation of the [beloved] Campaign to my family so I cannot secure the financial help I need to go places.
Verbal onslaughts of such a forceful degree that one is forced to recover from them.
Nagging and lecturing giving unwanted advice as if it is gospel.
Not respecting my emotions whatever they are and for whoever they are for especially if mutual.
Denying experiences of mine, dismissive of what I say to you to help you understand.
Misrepresenting places organisations and people to fit your criminalizing mindset when all I wanted was support which I got meaning I was and am in better place to discuss matters AND GET HELP.
Inferiority in a given situation,
Theft of opportunities through misunderstanding.
Stalking of blog myself of places real life where people might think I will be unwanted then blaming me.
Inability to listen to experiences so you can help.
Dismissive of emotions feelings felt for people. Family acting like Campaign woe betide.
Traumatising my family by courtroom behaviour that prevents family from taking effective action to help me by whatever means.
Being forced to look outside The Campaign for advice help instead of In house effective provision on account of bias, percieved bias, the conspicuous lack of people to talk to from within the campaign offering unconditional support love with a non interfering meddling judging mentalities with action.
Wounding of hithertoo wonderful relationships wrecked by this Crisis by the above.

Negative affects on me
Forced into long distance sleuthing to get at the facts of the case as it were instead of mixed economy of online offline with campaign friends where there is NO NEED to do it.
Misunderstood sleuthing misrepresented sleuthing.
Forced mispelling of words due to frozen mouse and buggy MS software paraded as Premium.
Needing to go to bed to sleep it off depression.
Sexaul preferences denied you intervening and intefering with circumstances, this is too painful to write what it amounts to is denial of freedom of choice in circumstances where it is most needed.
Being scapegoated and blamed subconsciously for a crisis that is not mine to bear.
Inferiority per se.

Stalking per se (  Twitter, blog etc) No level playing ground here.

No level playground per se a gross injustice.

Powerlessness, helplessness.
Unable to go to sleep insomnia.
A complete lack of vision to have seize the hour habits ie get up at time you need go to bed with ability to adjust habits to the lawyer in question male.
Being denied experiences per se.

Being unable to eat. Below daily calorie requirement.

Utter and complete powerlessness throughout my life.

Taking it out on myself instead of all others taking responsibility and changing attitudes, modus operandi.

Self hatred.

A lack of vision for my life.

Slower functioning than is necessary to overcome in this situation.

Harrassment of key others in situation.

Lack of peace.

A complete denial of the wonderful glorious potential that is in people situations and myself in wider  Campaign Community where all the above would have been avoided.,

Me being misrepresented, slaggedoff in social media, denied  Campaign tactics involve the raising and exalting of party 1 versus completely slagging off me. I think such analysis is very poor.



This crisis is making me who has a vulnerable heart more vulnerable when I don’t need it.

Darkness, demons, monsters. There has? always been another way. Why didn’t you take it!!









Pollution and toxicity from interfering meddling others.

A fucking mouse acer aspire that keeps highlighting and removing blocks of a my text. Grrrh.






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