I want to read like a QC John Cooper QC #epiclegalreadings#epicrelegal

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“One does not simply do the required readings until exam season.” From the brilliant (and over-stressed) Law Student Problems.

I would like to sue the law school for the psychiatric shock caused by the sheer amount of reading. #LawStudentProblems

Donoghue v Stevenson – making law students afraid of ginger beer since 1932. #LawStudentProblems

One does not simply do the required readings until exam season.#LawStudentProblems

“I love learning legal rules, their exceptions, and the exceptions to those exceptions.” #SaidNoLawStudentEver

“Revision is going so well!” #SaidNoLawStudentEver

Law school has put me under extreme duress. Can I claim this as mitigating circumstances for my exams? #LawStudentProblems

I’m motivated by a fear of failure instead of a desire to succeed.#LawStudentProblems

I’m so grateful that the judge takes 100 PAGES to fully explain their reasoning. #SaidNoLawStudentEver

Law school has taught me the valuable skill of discussing the readings without having read the readings. #LawStudentProblems

Having nightmares about exams you have already finished.#LawStudentProblems

Giving your friends legal advice anyway despite having no idea what your are talking about. #Lawkward #LawStudentProblems

My advice for potential law students? RUN AWAY WHILST YOU STILL CAN. RUN FAR FAR AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!#LawStudentProblems

#LawSchool is like the #HungerGames. People will tell you you’re privileged to be there. But you’ll wonder why you volunteered as tribute

My life revolves around trying not to appear clueless in tutorials and seminars. #LawStudentProblems

Not sure if my highlighted textbook or child’s colouring book.#HighlightRainbow #LawStudentProblems

Mens Rea? Why no Womens Rea?!?! #LawStudentProblem#HeForShe

When I am trying to type Wednesday, my iPhone auto-corrects to Wednesbury. Is it unreasonable to want this to stop?@LawVicissitudes

“Can you imagine a world without lawyers?!” #Simpsons#LawStudentProblems

I just love it when the judge writes in complex and unintelligible English mixing in legal jargon and Latin. #SaidNoLawStudentEver

Choosing to study “law” despite having no idea how it is actually defined. #WhatIsLaw #LawStudentProblems

Choosing to study “law” despite having no idea how it is actually defined. #WhatIsLaw #LawStudentProblems

Not sure if I actually have free time, or if I’ve just forgotten all my readings. #LawStudentProblems




If I spend enough time in the library, can I claim a proprietary interest through adverse possession? #LawStudentProblems


Not sure if joint tenancy problem question.. or Final Destination.#LawStudentProblems


Making sure you get valid consideration when making a deal with friends. #LawStudentProblems


Making sure you get valid consideration when making a deal with friends. #LawStudentProblems

#iwanttoreadlikeaQCJohnCooperQC #hehasepiclegalreadingskills #legalreadingskills


2200 words about treasure. Law, you kill me

As a #NonLawyer reading about #LawStudentProblems is a terribly useful thing to do especially as I am self learning, acclimatising, trying to figure out a way to  [learn] how to read the Books properly (especially even though they will be 8 hours out of date from publication they are still useful!

The massive amounts of reading that have to be done are dead useful as a skill combined with the other needed skills: absolute accuracy, legal concision, legal precision, meticulous attention to detail. Interpretation Skills which all must translate into  frequently used Courtroom Skills. In the Law Students Case it is numerous Mock Trials.


Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink Hence I want to read like John Cooper QC who always gets his Cases done, is always able to multitask, does brilliantly on each Case and who especially is more Lawyer than half the Campaign put together.#independenceofthought #courage etc


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