But I have a friend who is praying for me

Re: Prayer ( I have just realized just how difficult even writing this Post is and even this is beyond my strength)
I have a friend who is praying for me and my situation –annus horribilis bar some outstanding Highlights from incredible people.
IF I see a reason to intervene I will and do what is right to see situations and circumstances come to bear.
But ALL meddling, interfering pity, stalking,(offline and online) hostile cross examination, false followers (plenty! and from friendly quarters!)misunderstanding, social media campaign ie youtube playlists etc and what is unjustifiable legal fucking action has to cease with immediate total and complete effect.( I dread to think of what the Who What When and How of this!) It is not having the desired effect and is damaging my relationships with you and the wider Campaign community. It is NOT helping me get what I need to work my way through. Silly stupid .are way to go with consummate lawyerly sleuthing is way to go however dodgy that sounds. Insane hedonism is the author of questions, wish fulfillment is the architect of relationships. Love brings it all together no matter how adversarial and court combative we all are.
Normal life and problem solving has  at last to begin!!

I doubt my strength as per usual hence me quitting some heroic enterprises. It is beyond my strength. Only silly amounts of blessing asking her to pray for the impossible(only way is fought over embatttled before any Opposite scenarios) is way to go.

I am too weak as I write this many unmet Campaign needs that are overdue to be fulfilled. The Campaign should be a happy place with stupid goodness not a battlefield with distrust, broken relationships etc. I am in too many dangers as I write this.Too many problems not able to be solved In House as it were with people who genuinely care for me and situation but who are not meddlers etc. Just being able to talk would be  a start.

Lord alledgely ‘ With God NOTHING is impossible’ is my life motto. I need shitloads of impossiblities across ALL areas of my life, the Campaign is no exception. Make it your playground!  Bring all the happiness and joy that should have happened  ages ago.

Too weak editing mode. Real friends will understand and know how to act.

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