My Policy for all Christian Followers friends

NO Bible bashing I don’t want my TL filled with Bible Verses and American based Quotes.
NO Interference whatsoever. NO praying against,. No Judgement. NO actual Interference. NO Thrawting ( I have been trained you see!) NO judgmental prayers or praying or prayer ministry.
You can keep your Two Point Four Marriage Servicing serving the Lord ways to yourself I don’t want it and you have taken enough o of my life as it is. You got your Pound of flesh and for what!
NO Prudishness please. I love God I am friendly towards God but all this NO Masturbation Rule is plain stupid. Wanking is the basis for great sex (mutual), a great tension reliever (if you find out how to bring yourself to orgasm great!) and a great fantasy man is a helluva driver to sexaul health (Solo Imaginations Station!).
NO dowdy frumpy clothes PLEASE I don’t wish to dress like I come out of an Old peoples home or look like Anne Graham (good person that she is) because that would be the death of me. And DEATH is one of those things I struggle against daily. I may not fight strong enough or hard enough but with enough vision? but I fight!#outofthebox #climboutoftheboxestheyputyouin
I DONT find your love lives attractive. OK there are happy marriages (good!) but you Christians are fucked up. I love God I would rather be closer to God than far away. I love to pray.#fiftynamesofjesus #bigguyneedstosmashunbelievablydifficultproblemsIWANTTOLIVE!!
I have NO desire to go back to Serving the Lord which has only proved NOT to serve mine. NO sexaul SERVICING for me. No #sexfests NO #freakysexyvision (to any who DARE TO LAUGH AT ME i have a DEFENCE how fucking awesome is that!!!) NO delicous combining of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!
Hit back at those who DARE to insult me. #rookieinmorewaysthanone.
I want NOTHING to do with a Church that makes me niave about relationships beyond so called selfishly expositied christian values. Of course I am not against long term relationships/Marriage. Why?? cos I want to be a fucking Mrs myself #mrsdreamguymarriedtotheonewhosegreatestobsessionisyouMrhappyhappyloverguy
( I am too weak to engage in any kind of Christan ministry even admit failure even IMPOSSIBLE word is beyond me)
NO [hidden] Agendas DON’T use praying for me as a way into interrogating me about my sex life or lack of it my masturbatory practices whatever. #stockingssupspendersandsexyunderwear #meandmyloverwemakequiteapair

God, the Church, Christ the holy Spirit is NOT helping me to NOT get fucked up about sex.

#thefiftynamesofjesusprayer #prayerministry

#salvationfrom??!!#possessions #freedom #myfuturesoulmate #mrright#thefuturemrsdreamguy #love #romanticlove #sex #friendship


#saveukjustice!! #nonageistnonsexistnodisablistwaytogoSURVIVAL!



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