Wellbeing at the Bar from Criminal Law and Justice Weekly


Excerpts taken from the Post view the Complete Post on Criminal Law and Justice Weekly this is a Taster and very good it is too.

The Research was conducted in October and muggins only spotted the Post today (Tuesday 4 November 2014) This is what I have blogged about https://supportingukjustice4thedefencealaymansperspective.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/fucked-up-menanimals-needing-to-be-loved-sorted-out-so-they-dont-have-to-resort-to-desperate-measures/

and this we’ve been waiting for folks. I see it all on the #SaveUKJustice Campaign!!!! ( Lawyers and their Criminal Defence counterparts do EVERYTHING in their powers to advance the welfare of their clients so even though they may be very fucked up their  representation of the Clients are second to none again #saveukjustice is chock full of examples).

All  Research was conducted in a completely Confidential manner something that is entirely necessary and logical.

Nicholas Lavender QC, Chairman of the Bar, said:
“The Bar Council is committed to equipping the profession with the skills and knowledge to recognize and address behaviours which might impact on their wellbeing and performance as a result of workplace pressures.
“By undertaking this vital research, we plan to develop practical tools and learning materials to support barristers in sustaining their performance whilst managing the demands of practice.
Wellbeing, and mental health more generally, within the legal profession is rarely spoken about. Through our wellbeing campaign, we aim to dismantle the stigma associated with seeking help.
   It has always been my contention that  Lawyers who are viciously opposed to  all forms of Discrimination are themselves actively discriminated against.  (Roll on Friday has loads of examples)http://www.rollonfriday.com/  This is an appalling state of affairs when the Criminal and Post LASPO 2012 Bar and Sols are being dismantled pauperized  by a Government  and Public that has no sense of the utter prestige that can come from learning legal literacy as I and the  other elite Non Lawyers have. How glad I am to see this Post!
 Perhaps The Bar Council along with the entire Inns of Court are waking up to the problem???!!! This is  the out of the box thinking we so desperately need.
 See, Support, Discuss, blog etc we gotta tackle this head on!




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