UPDATED:#Disablism where you are not viewed as ONE OF YOU also greviously affects the Legal Profession. #ShitstormAdvocates/cy Required

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Instead of ME.


OVER me.

Judgments over me.

Judging instead of me.

Making up my mind for me.I make my own decisions thank you very much.

Cloning your own image prescribed in no uncertain terms instead of having and enjoying a SUPPORTED recreation of my own unique image.

No voice in the decision process and crises resolution.

Hard prescriptive voices rather than ME being wise, emotional having judgements able to make correct decisions whether supported or not. Decisions that are NOT up to you.

Any action/s that are disproportionate , distrusting, patronizing, pitying, shaming, ignorant. People in my position can show you the way you only have to ask if trustworthy and working with absolute integrity.

Charity. Those wishing to help me have to be pre-approved to go through completely confidential safe private Chatham house ruled vetted  channels of my choice.

Containment per se.

One like me always sees exceptions to the rule, absolute wonders who see the person not the circumstances,

they are to be applauded and encouraged.

Be like them,

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