Wanted experienced quality Advocates who can help me win #DemolishtheOpposition #DestroytheWalls


There are strict conditions here.

The Task must be deemed impossible but you and your colleagues are not fazed by such obstacles.

You  MUST be seeking constantly to remove unfair unjust obstacles and create A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD AS HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE WHERE THERE IS COMPARE AND CONTRAST OF BOTH PARTNERS.  X v Y, A v Z

It is a job that has to be done with the uttermost secret private confidential behind the scenes Confidentiality adhering to Chatham House Rules.

Extremely high quality connections are a must as is Top Qaulity intelligence. There must be circumstances for me TO GET IT RIGHT, GET IT ACCURATE AND NOT MERELY TOLD X IS Y Z IS A ETC. I MUST be able to sleuth circumstances myself.

This process is highly social. You must LOVE worship adore who I love worship and adore.  This need is best fulfilled in a social setting OFFLINE as well as ONLINE on Twitter and on blogs.

Concepts such as Devils Advocacy and representing socially online offline on Twitter, FB, blogs etc must be natural to you. The thought of representing me in this GROSSLY UNFAIR UNJUST SITUATION must give you an almighty buzz. Otherwise you won’t have the strength to do it.

Mediation skills on Twitter,  Youtube, FB blogs as required are a must, you may be the DEVILS ADVOCATE but that is where you cut your fighting skills. So useful for fighting #failinggrayling and the#failingCJS he is [not] the [real]LC over.

You must love me!!! I must cast spells over you. you must be transfixed with wonder when you see me. This wonderful Non Lawyer!!! Epic Adventurous, What a Fighter!!!!! Boldly going where NONE OF US have the courage to go!!!

My IMPOSSIBLE PATHS, LIFE, PROBLEMS must be a source of continual fascination to you.

It is required that you are problem solving and supportive I am a rookie amongst the sexually and romantically experienced (no guarantee of no fuck ups or fucked-up-ness).

It is life or death that the long running sex problems over 5000 days of needing absolute fucking qaulity (pun intended) YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT REAL CHOICE even though it is viciously opposed.

The only way to crack the sex/life problem is epically, a total utter fucking blast, an out of this fucking world experience that has you begging for more and…

I have deliberatly made this impossible difficult etc. This is to filter out false candidates. Because I am conversant with certain legal processes I have heard of Judicially reviewing Decisions and Appeals to the Supreme Court , the House of Lords make it easy for me to fight a battle that is unfairly waged against me and PERSON X.

The Playlist part of the Job part of JD 

Above songs not allowed to be seen known felt and experienced. No raw physical psychological sexaul emotional data to go on.

Songs applied in Post Blog Person Specific way.









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