The Resurrection of Privacy?

Here is Paul Bernal a well known Legal Scholar on ‘The Resurrection of Privacy’.
FB is trying to force me to fill in Sections I don’t want to fill.
Google has taken over Youtube filling them with Suggestions.
Predictive Analytics, Disruptive Social Media has removed the internet I once knew which was people driven.
Perhaps the Internet is a the most challenging power to try to usurp and overturn Neoliberalism.
Taking away the NHS, Legal Aid, Access to the Courts, Higher Education, Anarchic activity, Social Care, from the people and taxing the poor/lower middle classes to the limit. A regime that is forcing costs on people.
People can’t buy their own homes forced to be Generation Rent.
Graduates graduate with massive debts that need to be repaid.
Benefits Claimants are treated as dirt and not given the help they need to find Benefit freeing work and at their age everything is against them.
The Media is an exercise in the manufacture of popular consent (Chomsky).
Costs are put onto workers who are forced to launder uniforms at home,
Amazon markets kindle eitions but removes the right to own books though paid a good price for them and convenient.
The Electorate is forced to adopt hard copy with its space and volume considerations in order to get reading privacy.
The Work life balance is designed to favour Corporates and it fucks up the marriage work life balance and relationship formation anyway as people are forced into a zero hours contract slave economy.
Prices of Basic goods rent food bills go up up up and those responsible whine if their their demands aren’t met.
Long live Snowden.
Long live Law however fucked up at the moment.
Long Live Lawyers, Legilisation, Lets think out of the box to solve this one!!

Paul Bernal's Blog

The video below is the slideshow of my presentation this morning at the Society of Legal Scholars conference in Nottingham – and what follows it are some brief notes to support it. Some of this is speculative and some of it is contentious – particularly in relation to the relative importance of corporate and governmental surveillance – and this is an early stage of this research, though it builds on the work in my book, Internet Privacy Rights. I should also note that this is a development of the paper I gave at BILETA earlier this year: ‘who killed privacy?’

The Resurrection of Privacy?

In 1999, Scott McNealy, then CEO of Sun Microsystems, famously said:

“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.”

Events and developments since 1999 have hardly improved the prospects for privacy: the growth of social networking, technological developments like smartphones, geo-location, business ideas such as…

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