I have always loved Gary Slapper totally relying on him plus Loved and adored Mission Critical Others for Legal Education as a Non Lawyer: Weird Cases #LawBooksforNonLawyerstoread

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5.0 out of 5 stars If laughter is the best medicine…. 4 Oct 2013
By tara
Format:Hardcover|Verified Purchase
…..then this book is a panacea. An understatement of a title, here. Weird, comic and bizzare…so much more than that! The unique form of Prof Slapper’s introductions to each case, the the non-tedious literary, historical, hilarious, engaging comic genius is near-addictive. (Slightly worrying through the laughter, in some senses… you’ll see why!) This gem of a book isn’t just about law.It’s about life. It’s beyond quackers. One need not be a lawyer; the leas inquisitive of natures will soon be hooked. The introductions to cases are brief, concise and up-to-date to place matters on context. The chapters are appropriately divided (I’ll confess; I turned first to Chapter 2, Love and Sex, then to Chapter 6, Children and Animals, then 9, Jurors, Friends and Neighbours). Live in Massachusets and have a cat? Careful… your wee one could be called up for jury service. Intercourse within marriage last less than 240 seconds? Ladies, sue your soon-to-be-exhusbands. Owe money? Write your bank authorisation on a cow. Sound odd? That’s because it is weird, comic, bizarre, and truthfully and hilariously told. Read it. That’s an Order. đŸ™‚
You will be laughing aloud…. you’ll be telling your friends… you’ll be educated without knowing it… you will find you’ve made one of the best purchases available in the world of literature. Enjoy!

I own ‘Weird Cases’ I plan to buy ‘More Weird Cases’
If you are a Non Lawyer or Human Being then these are the books to get amongst other things. I am big on books on this blog and am so without shame.
Gary Slapper Books are books I read without hesitation, or compromise. Gary Slapper is an Education. I follow him and do so delightfully.
I have impeccable taste in Lawyers and Law Books. Only the best will do for me as Non Lawyer. Adventures ONLY please. I want to be challenged and on this blog proudly test the boundaries of my legal learning.I will read what I want to read and whom I wish to read.
This is an excellent Review of a First Class Book that will straighten your wonky concepts of Lawyers,
Miss it and his ‘More Weird Cases’ at your peril.
A Fan

Gary Slapper Books that are on my Amazon Wishlist

  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Law-Works-Gary-Slapper-ebook/dp/B00HF4WTVW/ref=la_B001H6Q6V8_1_1_bnp_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410196768&sr=1-1





Professor Gary Slapper is a man after my own heart ‘Organisational Prosecutions an outstanding example.. No Lawyer will ever be admired by me unless they are committed to Justice. John Cooper QC is my Go-To man on that front.

The above are a brief selection  that I hope demonstrates how much I am delightedo always have Gary Slapper to inform and educate me Law wise alongide other Luminaries like John cooper qc who I adore plus  Star Junior**

Gary Slapper is like an underground River nourishing the informally learned growth in this Subject Law.

His influence is always welcome on Planet Kate.



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