My Defence of John Cooper QC and the CSA Survivors Peoples Tribunal Process Progress so far

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I agree with your analysis on  everything bar John Cooper, and how the CSA Peoples Tribunal, with Joanne Welch, John Cooper and myself has been conducted.

  We now have an formidable Steering Committee which unfortunately I wasn’t elected onto despite making the most popular speech and co-chairing the meeting because the other Candidates were too strong.

 Those attending must be applauded for electing such a strong Committee which will be a match to face any of the  tough questions and  terrifying Opposition they will ace.  At least my words which ran through the meeting like a lace fabric affected the make up of the Committee!!!!! 

 History Lessons for absolute Rookies and Beginners like myself on the unbelievable suffering of Child Abuse Survivors which beggars belief

I believe CSA Survivors have never had justice or if they did on rare occasions one of which was then they took matters into their own hands resulting in extremely rare occasions of justice.  I/we discovered astonishing new facts in the meeting!  the proposed PT wasn’t the only weapon; but it sure was gonna come about given the social media buzz since the baby-steps inaugural Meeting with Joanne Welch and John Cooper QC.

(who is a wonder to behold btw do see him in action!)

 Facts about CSA PT Steering Commitee so far


I have been part of the CSA PT from the start working with John and Joanne in an extremely informal setting and that is GOOD. JCQC was in his Garden, Joanne and I were tweeting our little hearts out and  we were combined in a mad visionary tweet up resulting in Joannes actions in managing to commission JC Pro Bono and me publicizing on blog the aforementioned Meeting.

 John then explained the whole  Legal Theory of  Peoples Tribunal and gave advice of a generic sort.
The CSA proposed PT is part one part of a process whereby at last Survivors may attain justice.  Other bodies can and should be formed, we work alongside them and are complementary to them. JUSTICE is the end result desired in all Inquiries. CSA PT is part of it but from where I am standing an indispensable part of it whatever its faults because it is commissioned BY THE PEOPLE.

 John Cooper QC and  the Peoples Tribunal Legal  Process

   I am so glad John Cooper QC is hopefully part of this CSA PT. 

 I know of Child Abuse Specialist Lawyers indeed I was blessed to meet one at the Meeting and even more blessed to have four follow me on Twitter. So thats it, get them to do it!!! Let them give the legal advice and be the Legal Architect behind the process!

 WRONG! With John Cooper QC  the CSA PT Steering Commitee has a QC of unimaginable Potential. No matter how wonderrful these CA Specialists are and I am quite conversant with  Whose done Child Abuse Cases- I could name names.  They are NOT John Cooper. With him leading the Legal Team we have someone who has 1)drafted Legislation 2) has strong media contacts 3) is a nice guy important in this process 4) a deeply humane guy 5) a versatile and flexibly minded  Barrister who can turn his mind to anything he wants too. If Life and Legal Life is gaining new skills multiplying the ‘talents Matthew 25 stylee then JC epitomises this.

 In addition he is a wonder to behold. It was a complete revelation watching him in action in those small brief hours. He is Legal Education in Action. He was wonderful. A new phrase entered my vocabulary ‘Lawyerly Listening ‘ and he excells in it.  I do not regret for one minute the exhaustion I experienced because I had to leave home at 4am in the morning and walk to the Station, mistimed but at least I didn’t miss him/the Meeting.

 He is a real man, an uncle a daddy kids love him.   People who go through shit are safe with him. At least when he is LISTENING to you you have the beginnings of JUSTICE. Falsehoods about him, libel and defamatory statements regarding John are just that evil despicable Libel.    Yeah I would wish him to represent me. All of us were in awe and the meeting broke out in loud applause after JC gave us his advice. With no partiality bias a complete surrender to our will.   He helped us take the baby steps towards  SC formation.

 To him i/we are grateful.( Repeating the process ala #cliffrichardabuseraid would be helpful!!

My list is incomplete but here is a man completely and utterly devoted to the Law who is versatile, multi-talented good looking (yes I know crush NOW!!! )

 JC’s Multi-faceted Experience esp with regard to the Law and how it operates or rather doesn’t ie needing to JR the failing CPS

CPS JR,  Trial by Jury Appeal Gibralter, Miscarriage of Justice Cases,  Sports Law, Judicial Reviews per se, getting justice by the Law of Law*** If you look at it JC is potentially very useful to us indeed!!




John’s LACs and Hunting Act Enforcement Activities

Whatever is wrong with the Hunting Act it can be corrected. John’s heart is in the right place.

 I would be delighted to see this redrafted or whatever and come to a party celebrating it I believe in Redemption a virtue in short supply amongst the much esteemed learned legal community

   Star Junior  Lead Counsel me the Junior trusted to take over from the expert!!.
I was proud to work with a top Barrister I shall refer to as #starjunior to take part in a #twocktrial using real daa defending John. I am NOT his lawyer but cross examining his foe under the guidance of Star Junior was an experience NOT to missed and thankfully I made the most of it. John’s heart is in the right place. I have everything against me in life but me [learning how] to cross examine au nature was one of the biggest experiences of my life. thank you John! xxxx

 We all have things wrong with us doesn’t negate us as Lawyers and Non Lawyers!
Whatever is wrong with John I stand as one of his Defenders that he is basically a good man that goes wrong. Just because people go wrong doesn’t mean they are bad people. Lawyers that I am aware of are not exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. Whatever is wrong John is a good man who wants to see justice for his clients, the Campaign win against this evil and power hungry government and justice advanced in all kinds of ways and fields. All Lawyers can go doally they need friends who will stand by them and hold them up when they fall down.
If he will accept it I shamelessly uphold him and support him and I love it.
I believe I am a true judge of character.
Anna raccoon you are good person. if you were doally I would support you as him and any lawyer who secretly goes off rails.
John is good he is man of integrity and goodness, he is not just a pretty [handsome hunky] face he genuinely seeks to be a a friend to people and work his hardest at great cost for his clients. Surely all Lawyers can learn from him.
I don’t want to harm his reputation in any way. I only want to bless him and all that he does. He has his faults but don’t we all.
John I hope my frail words here might remotely bless you and help you to keep going as a Lawyer under an increasingly difficult legal scene.
Apart from above a fantastic article that says important points from a fabulous but yet unknown to me Lawyer.
Viva Anna Raccoon and John Cooper QC!


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