My CV Bio ahead of CSA PT SC Formation Meeting

On 31 Aug 2014 16:29, "Kate Hillier" <chairmanmiaoworiginal1989> wrote:

For the past 15 Years I have lived in Supported Housing in Colchester. Previous to that I worked, I was working, I was ‘normal’.

I previously lived in London where I worked as an Artist Model, A Cleaner, A Catering Assistant for the NHS; before moving up to Colchester where I worked as a Care Assistant for the Learning Disabled.

I took a PGA Administrators Course which I failed.

Then I got admitted to Essex University to read Government and Sociology where I had a moderately successful Career academically because of my commitment to my work where my Academics both loved and supported me.

Whilst at Uni I got elected onto the Vulture [Student] Newspaper but my Career failed due to politics whilst I published one very successful article.

The Past 15 Years in Supported Housing have seen me once I got over the overwhelming trauma of being admitted to such a place(which caused me to lose my womb) have seen my gradually get into Voluntary Work at Church where I did

Childrens Work at Holiday Club, informal Youth work (I was the one adult my peers wanted to emmulate) where I worked with young people I used to know, prayer meetings, where I was viewed as having both prayer and prophetic gifts and some Mission work which I didn’t fall in love with though it was tailor made for me. I am CRB and Police Checked.

I have always kept myself busy.!!

I have always been a Reader, choosing to read what I like. I read academic books and spent many a happy hour downloading Papers from University Servers worldwide I haven’t changed! I read to find out what is really going on not what the literary establishment, Media choose to tell me. This has meant I have been misunderstood because I refuse to conform to norms that are implicitly harmful.

For years I read academic books that you are not supposed to read and was involved in Mental Health Survivors Groups, I got asked by research NHS Professional to evaluate her Research Proposal.

This involved much reading, discussions with academics friends of mine but no work as I was too terrified to commit to paper for fear of [ideas]being nicked ( by the young,well thought of,able).

I broke the rules of a Christian TV Ministry and got myself promoted, to know secrets of theirs my definition of a Promotion. I forsook them because they are harming believers and non believers like me who have a lively connection to god through prayer/prophetic.

I recently got involved in the Save UK Justice Campaign where my mission is to see Non Lawyers aqquire knowledge of the Law, I have come home. The Government has dismantled the CJS I want to see Non Lawyers fight to campaign to get it back through learning how to mock trial and thensome!!! I believe Non Lawyers are intelligent enough to learn complex legal concepts like Devils advocacy, defending defendants right to a trial and due process instead of a lynch mob. They will never mock trial without them!

Being involved in learning to set up a Peoples Tribunal for Child Sexaul abuse Survivors adds another dimension to! Being a Non Lawyer the idea of working closely with Lawyers at the top of their field excites me. I want to see justice for Survivors at last and Law is way to go on that score.

I am not married, should have got married years ago. Life has made me relationally niave. I intend to completely change this and take back what is mine.

Years of church service and living in a deprived community have taken years of my romantic life. In time I intend to remedy this.

I am a radical who would love to see the dismantling of Neoliberalism and Justice through the Law being restored to the Uk. As a constructive Non Conformist and Radical I will break rules if I have too.

And that makes life more exciting and difficult for me but adds a new dimension to those who are my fans.


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