People’s Tribunals Research: The Russell Tribunal v The Iran Tribunal under John Cooper QC’s Chairmanship

The Russell Tribunal whilst it uses Non Lawyers features people who I might name as the  Great and the Good.

Writers, Popstars, Novelists etc

The proposed CSA Survivors PT uses broken frail raw Non Lawyers whose only concern is  seeking Justice.

The CSA Survivors PT under the proposed  Chairmanship of John Cooper QC would therefore be a purer vehicle for Justice in the sense of not being afraid of those who live in the most vulnerable state who unbeknownst to the world harbour stunning gifts and epic talents.

 These people these individuals derided and not served by the DWP and various Official  Bodies  Workfare Provide the Media,rs, Mortgage Providers,  Fashion Houses, Universities,   Retail outlet shave within them through this Opportunity to acquire sophisticated uncommon understanding [of the Law IMHO] but in the process of the Tribunal get  to teach themselves into many abilities.

 A couple of PT Structures compared and contrasted

 Russell Tribunal for Palestine

 Distinguishing Feature:Celebrity  Great and the Good Non Lawyers with Radical but welcomed Lawyers

 The Tribunal was designed bespoke to cater for needs of Palestine with celebrity great and the good Non Lawyers to facilitate result they want/ed and still seek after.


   Massive Endorsements Lists KEY and IMHO a good idea

 International Palestinian  Movements and Organisations (Spanish, Arab, French,rightly endorsed this most magnificently constructed  Tribunal. Michael Mansfield QC is a good guy who is entirely worthy of one’s most ardent admiration and support who is worthy of the best efforts of the public and non lawyers on his behalf and for his good.

The Jury separate from Supporters/Patrons

 Here we have the big guns: International Legal Academics, UN people ( The UN is a happy hunting ground for this Tribunal) Writer, Activist, International Judge. the amazing Michael Mansfield QC who reminds me of John Cooper QC another incredible Lawyer. Plus we have our one solitary Band Member!!

Supporters and Patrons

This is the first time! #NonLawyerResource not strictly Non Lawyerly! (giveaway presence of Lawyers no matter how radical or strategically placed eg Israeli Human Rights Lawyer)

Fashion Designer, Writers,  Ministers of State,  Prime Minister, Members of  the French Resistance, Academics, Singers,  Actors, Playright Howard Brenton,  Authors, Professors, Former Footballer Eric Cantona, now Actor and Producer, Spanish Singers, Film Director,Judge, UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator, Lawyers (no surprises there) Tunisian Human Rights Lawyer (that’s uncommon thinking) Israeli Human Rights Lawyer (good move!) Radical Movement heads Non Violence, Israeli Professor (good to have) Nobel Laureates, prominent Palestinians, (logical). leading Israelis of sympathetic bent, a Sociologist and intrepidly one band!!

My analysis of Supporters and Patrons

 This IS a .Group but its #NonLawyerResource is composed of the Great and the Good. Of course The Great and the Good need to be encouraged into Non Lawyerly LAWyerliness and LAW all efforts to encourage understanding of the Law (in the context of the Peoples Tribunal) are well, good and deserve utterly to be encouraged.

 This is really interesting¬

A really good division of Labour.


 Political Support is key as one needs the support of  Politicians who are Movers and Shakers for the Tribunal.

 Organisation and Logistics organizing gifts and abilities under one Heading ‘Organisation Central’ this body has to make the whole thing sing. 

 Experts and Witnesses

Now the Legal Character of the Tribunal really comes out. Dedicated Expert Witnesses (good move  Expert witnesses deserve good pay) and Witnesses who attend to give their Evidence. Witnesses will need great care so they can give their Evidence happy comfortably looked after even though the process for the Witnesses (and most importantly LAWYERS) is harrowing. A dedicated Commitee is an example of excellent legal thinking a giveaway of the leading legal brains on the Team.

National Support Committee

 It is good to see different committee for fundraising, political support, media coverage with goal for POPULAR mobilsing of support for Tribunal another canny decision by our lawyer friends.

all the above feed into 


 Straightforward Legal Procedures here straight a 101 from the Criminal Bar!!






 Sessions conducted in



New York

with Final and Special Sessions in Brussels

 The mass presence of the great and the good with money advantageous for this. Us humble mortals would need International Sessions financed as part of our [very visionary] Budget…


Fundraising is both comprehensive, exhaustive and international.  This is yet another sign of Lawyers at work in its massive attention to detail. So when it comes down to Fundraising spread the love so to speak and make fundraising an international process.










Iran Tribunal under  John Cooper QC’s   Chairmanship

Composition and Form

A Working Group

Mostly common or garden people with a few Lawyers.thrown in

This outstanding feat is the accomplishment of a working group including a number of the families of those who lost their lives in the 1980’s executions of political prisoners, as well as some of the surviving political prisoners themselves, along with political activists including workers, students, women’s rights activists, children’s’ rights activists, lawyers and Human rights activists.

Breakdown Listed

Political Prisoners


Human Rights Activists


Womens Rights Activists

Childrens Rights Activists

Lawyers (no Tribunal will sing however convened by the People if you don’t get  an absolutely First Class Legal Team, it won’t be pulled off without the Lawyers who need to be at the top of their game)

Families of those who died in the atrocities  The Tribunal featured the bloodiest Episode for fairness though there was much by way of atrocities.

Judicial Set up

 John had recruited some International   Top legal Talent wholly suitable lawyers equipped  qaulified and experienced to hear [the] harrowing Evidence


Duration Five years from Autumn 2007 and still ongoing? I hope so! as Tribunal was just a Beginning not an End.

Committee Size: 6

Every three weeks for the duration of four months- from September 2007 to January 2008-meetings were held where countless ideas and concerns were discussed. Following which a committee, consisting of six individuals, was assigned to fact finding and carrying out research.

Lawyers and Non Lawyers [working together] in and for International Law

This committee began its work with the help of Yadollah Biglari, a renowned Kurdish lawyer in Stockholm and a leftist Kurdish political activist. In addition, a three-member council was created, which consisted of Mr Yadollah Biglari, Mr Babak Emad and Mr. Cleas Forsberg- a renowned Swedish lawyer, chairman of Swedish Lawyers without Borders.

 with the addition of   Three Member Legal  Council consisting of Lawyers only

 Additional   Council: Three Member Council consisting of  Lawyer only



Meetings held Every 3x Weeks

 The Iran Tribunal is/was first of its kind in John Cooper QC who is charge of Public Affairs at the CBA(Criminal Bar Association I believe EDIT if needed) to have ordinary members of the public involved working closely with Lawyers(this PT along with my mad idea of have members of the public mock trial and then some) is saying quite something about the public who can be trusted to get the law in order to work with such Lawyers at such a high level.  Joe public must take this on trust when it comes down to employing their considerable intelligence at the Service of The Law and Justice.

The appropriate legal principles and established legal tools, which could be used to investigate the executions of the 1980s, were discussed during numerous meetings and conference calls held in groups or amongst individuals.

Six months later, in a meeting with the members of the campaign, the Committee delivered its findings. It was established that no official legal institutions- neither in its domestic nor international capacity- were willing to bring forth litigation against the Islamic Republic; based on this the formation of an international tribunal was the sole viable option.

it sounds like #CSASurvivors are in a similar position…

 To conclude:  I am mentally exhausted writing this Post Peoples Tribunals are an indispensable means of creating an Legal Structure where none exists or is unwilling to be used, to give opportunity for called witnesses to give their [live] evidence which can be scrutinized by lawyers dispassionately,skeptically in order that [the Evidence] once tested is proven to be found valid and  people are in position to present [evidence]

 Then witnesses can have Evidence presented to Police Station (hours and hours needed to hear it) with legal procedure, Evidence, Arrests as result,  correct evidence and charging procedures,  Case Management legal processes, Trial etc.




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