Listen to what the man says! those who care will take an forensic approach


Dear John,

I hope you don’t mind. I would NOT usually do this your music is a thing you share between you and your friends but I believe this is an instance where the exception is the Rule for a higher purpose.

To my dear Readers,


If you care you will see and hear things that you need to hear and you will respond accordingly.


I can disregard this Playlist


James Turner original Playlist minus CBA Paper Li Archives


and play his music with ample. because his music is demonstrably lawyerly, and filled to the brim with the law in notoriously difficult circumstances for both of us.



He screamed  WOLVERHAMPTON, WOLVERHAMPTON, WOLVERHAMPTON, WOLVERHAMPTON!(John never screams he is in perfect control of his emotions and the things that keep him handsome/beautiful as a man/lawyer/person whilst all the real pain etc is hidden underneath needing only LOVING discovery.

I probably have the convo archived somewhere to reproduce here for evidence.

Home Town, place of Birth, where #wolves is based. Security, love, homecoming. Safety.  Pride.

A rare rant

If JOHN wanted you to know by signposting to to this song that a pesky loud whistler didn’t allow him to hear at Breakfast.[Born Free] then you are supposed to hear it and who am I to deny you.?



Was anyone listening when JCQC shouted this.( He is very rarely given to online rants, screaming online) No! I expect NOT but I was, and I duly took note as I always do on JCQC’s page to help me to read him, to know how to act, to struggle to love him as he deserves to be loved, a fine Colleague I hope to win him on side as Joint Co-Founder of #JoePublicwantstolearnhowtomocktrialandthensome as I believe he has as yet unexplored potential that lawyerly Non Lawyers can bring out, to the benefit of his Career and to mine, indeed I hope it might be both!

So i can learn to be Lawyerly by writing

By cracking Blog Posts.

Great Tweets.

By coming to Full Power that is me at my best whom EVERYONE wants, with me gaining a growing and stable Fan Club.

By making the most of Opportunities afforded me, if the door opens you walk ye in it.

By looking my most lawyerly best, I am amongst Lawyers you know when in Rome. I will NOT let the fact i am drowning in death in Supported Housing stop me from rising from the deathly carapace so people everyone and John see the marvellous person underneath. Ditto Lawyers who are going through it and need people to believe in their hidden potential in whatever form it takes!

and having Friends who accept me as I am at my worst yet see the best, the REAL person underneath in whatever sense bringing it out of me just as I would do to them.****tI think that is it. I don’t wish to  wash my dirty laundry in public. I want to take problems to email with youtube playlists as appropriate.

I want to be like Tracey Mahon a Non Lawyer with an epic Law Blog who writes for Criminal Law and Justice Weekly!

This Campaign is making me ambitious! It is the Mother of Ambition! from the way I look, to my underwear, to runnign a lay law blog to amazingly learning to become part of awesome Law projects; I am never far from challenge with truly amazing people (if you remove crisis crap). I hope there is a way to save the  System.

Long live Law

Long Live Lawyers

Long live…





















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