My Twitter Legal and other Interests

Schedule 7 2000 Terrorism Act #Miranda Dave Allen Green
JENGBA Joint Enterprise Reform Joint Enterprise Offences
Gibralter Lawyers Legal System
Chambers: Garden Court Chambers 25 Bedford Row Doughty Street Chambers
Press Freedom
Falklands Bar Legal System
Older People/Disability Older and disabled people need a fair deal not getting in Society this must be changed in right way.#sexysassyglamorousskilled
Hottie Experts
Criminal Law and Justice Weekly***
soliticitors firms esp Specialist
Silk Actors Characters ie Clive Reader QC

Specialist and Niche Law Firms and Chambers

Criminal Law of course!
Prison Law
Legal Academics
Law Students I seem to have my own and they seem to be growing!!!
Data Privacy Datamining Big Data used against and not for us.
Miscarriage of Justice per se Key Campaign Law***
QC’s I follow loads of QC’s and am followed by them but some are significant from a point of view of practice, aspirations, direction of travel.
Speed Mooting/Advocacy!!/Mock Trialing in HE/Mock Trialing and Mooting per se/
Stobart  and other Whistleblowers who don’t have the legal protection they deserve and why?
Qaulity non lawyers geoff gray des james #legalwowzers #elitenonlawyersgroup of which I am part.
Artist taxi driver
Law Schools and Law School people!!

False allegations Helga Speck
Libel giles bradshaw thing re John Cooper QC
trade union law John Hendy QC one of the first QC’s I was exposed to along with Michael Mansfield QC who  is followed by John Cooper QC who has and makes the deepest impression on me that is hard to put into words Law wise.
Pupil barristers

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