To my Dearest Readers I need comments on what you see about this Blog what’s it all about etc

Dear Readers of this Blog,

I wish to thank you for your visits,(International Visitors!), your Subscribing(now at 20), your kind comments. Your support means everything.

It was always my intention to offer a Problem Solving Voice and not merely importantly bemoan/highlight the latest woes to hit the Legal Profession/Criminal Justice System.

 Questions to ask you  I would be so grateful for your input.

Do you think I do this effectively? if not what would you change to make this Blog work as an potential resource to spark debate amongst the  #SaveUKJustice Community?

Does this Blog work to help Non Lawyers understand the Law as I understand it as a complete Rookie or is it more useful for Lawyers?

Can I simultaneously serve both Lawyers and Non Lawyers especially bare beginners as  happens in the Save UK Justice Community? or are we talking more advanced Rookie voice?

Any other questions. please feel free to be yourselves with the blog. I realise there may be aspects which maybe problematic but I want to deal with them. Just help make it possible!

I could also have Campaign Luminaries write Guest Posts!

thank you in advance for your help,kindness and honesty

Kate Founder and  Editor of  Supporting UK Justice For the Defence a Laymans Perspective


It is not rocket science to say that the CJS is being mightily fucked over by #failinggrayling  We need to get the public to recognise it.



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