Issac Marrache Verdict Debate

John Cooper (@John_Cooper_QC)

05/07/2014 07:11 am

For those asking if Isaac Marrache will appeal, our position is simple: With the acquittal in Count 2, the job is only half done #Gibraltar

Louise Jallow (@SisterSisyphus)

05/07/2014 07:50 am

@John_Cooper_QC It is interesting the judge dismissed the jury- is this unprecedented? Judge AND jury? How can that be just?

John Cooper (@John_Cooper_QC)

05/07/2014 10:50 am

@SisterSisyphus First time in English legal history where a jury is discharged & the discharging judge continues to try the case #Gibraltar

Louise Jallow (@SisterSisyphus)

05/07/2014 02:03 pm

@John_Cooper_QC I saw a report that said the jury were dismissed because of “tampering” Surely that should have been a mis-trial?



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