Facebook, Google and the little people….

My Observations of Google and Facebook.
Google is attempting to force suggestions on Youtube users with its algorithm. This must be to prime users to Advertising.If you let Google Nudge you (nudge theory?) then they can nudge you to recieve ads, get right wing neoliberal agenda favouring suggestions.
Youtube feels raped of its people content. Content created by flawed human beings with their idiosyncrasies, faults, giftedness. Google want to stifle this. Also by forcing Google Plus on users they are in effect using the user to advance their social ambitions. May it fail abysmally.
The less said about FB the better. I left the network ages ago and still I see my email addy and password in the login box.
The way I see it FB is a advertising vehicle rather than social network. If it was a SOCIAL network that respected peoples privacy then it might be of some value.But users privacy, social lives etc don’t matter to FB who are always changing their settings.
No wonder then that data gets leaked out that is private, that the little people suffer and fb persists in its desire to serve The Advertisers in a bid to make money.
Big Data which has grown WITHOUT THE PEOPLES CONSENT, DEMOCRACTIC, POLITICAL, via elections and formal and informal debate . The movers and shakers behind Big Data have bypassed the democractic grassroots in a bid to promote it.
As a result we are just set upon as these parasites suck out our Data-Blood from us.
So heads up to Paul Bernal and his fine blog for such a brilliant Post. he is a well reknowned commentator for the Law/Privacy/Internet divide.

Paul Bernal's Blog

This last week has emphasised the sheer power and influence of the internet giants – Facebook and Google in particular.

The Facebook Experiment

First we had the furore over the so-called ‘Facebook Experiment’ – the revelation that Facebook had undertaken an exercise in ’emotional contagion’, effectively trying to manipulate the emotions of nearly 700,000 of its users without their consent, knowledge or understanding. There were many issues surrounding it (some of which I’ve written about here) starting with the ethics of the study itself, but the most important thing to understand is that the experiment succeeded, albeit not very dramatically. That is, by manipulating people’s news feeds, Facebook found that they were able to manipulate peoples emotions. However you look at the ethics of this, that’s a significant amount of power.

Google and the Right to be Forgotten

Then we’ve had the excitement over Google’s ‘clumsy’ implementation of the…

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