Saving Justice Patrick Tornsey All the Args put into One Book a bunch of Campaign Fabulousness bar how he handled me!!

The Book clocks in at over a  very Lawyerly thousand pages and it features all the known and loved Voices of the  Campaign. (Law Books have a habit of being big Monsters of a thousand pages plus or even plus plus) .

However if you are new to the whole #SaveUKJustice Campaign  don’t let that put you off.  The ‘Args’  (Arguments) of the Campaign are presented in a very easy to read and accessible way. There are links to Videos our John Cooper QC is featured with friend of the Campaign The Artist Taxi Driver.

( You can’t have too much of a good thing and this Interview is evidence of that fabulousness. Our JCQC really uses the opportunity to put the Campaign Case forward packing in arg after arg)



This book will enable you to campaign effectively and in a Lawyerly fashion for our beleaguered  CJS (Criminal Justice System).



 The Downside

I feel  Patrick Tornsey’s Selections were safe and I hardly get a look in.   He rightly features @LilGirlBigMouth The Campaigns very own 14 year old, Gemma Blythe who writes now for Legal Voice (promoted), A view from the North etc. All the CBA Bloggers are out in force. But he hasn’t done justice to me.  When you look at who follows me, and what my twitter discussions have been like (serious law and campaign chat folks!) I can’t help feeling he hasn’t read my blog with the care and attention others have. For example I merely have an International audience. I try to write as a Layperson about the Law encouraged by the magnificent generous efforts of Top Lawyers (QC’s and Star Juniors etc). I have also grown as a Campaign voice getting into some pretty advanced conversations. None of this is reflected in his highlights from the blog which typecast me and put me in an unfair category that at best does not reflect the Campaign at its most exciting wildest best!!

ISM’s don’t do the Campaign good and  Patrick was very disablist about me. UNFAIR.

I am just as good as anyone on the Campaign and have lots to give which I want to do in as many ways as they will allow/permit or go for it!!

Living here does not disqualify me for any kind of love from the Campaign including  Blogging Love.

I wish it could be different.

The books is a Ten Star AAAA +++++ book let down by its handling of me. If only it could be different.

Download Folks but take the me bits with a pinch of salt and look HERE first before forming an Opinion on my parts of the Book.


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