The Marrache Fraud Trials Verdicts: The Marrache Brothers are found guilty with Leanne Turner found not guilty I don’t think this Trial has been fair

In January, Sir Geoffrey refused applications of ‘no case to answer’, made onbehalf of Isaac & Benjamin Marrache, and Leanne Turnbull. That effectivelymeant the Judge believed evidence had been presented by the Crown which, if accepted, would justify a verdict of guilty. Sir Geoffrey gave an insight into the questions that are central to the trial:
 Looking at the Verdicts Issac Marrache has been found guilty on one count I wonder if  Grigson J has been looking at the facts as presented by a unified  Court, Advocates of the calibre of John Cooper QC, Ben Lovell Pank QC, Annie Cotcher QC.? It seems strange that though the Facts were presented clearly by John Cooper QC that there was No Case to Answer because of an Abuse of Process claim and the stated need to reexamine Police Evidence Grigson J did not let the Reexamination of Police Evidence be done, plus John Cooper QCs Day Long Closing Speech (!!!) over an hour for each Month of the Eight Month Trial that he could even consider reaching his Verdict.
  In London where you cannot hear a Complex Difficult Fraud Trial because of Legal Aid cuts  QC’s and their Juniors would give their right eye teeth to defend in a Trial like this. Instead  Failing Grayling expands the PDS (Public Defender Service) where Advocates do not have the training experience or knowledge to competently defend or prosecute Cases of this nature.
 An Abuse of Process Textbook Example
 The Lawyers representing the Defendants were First Class. Each Defendant had their own QC’s all Leading QC’s of impeccable qaulity. The Chambers represented  25 Bedford Row, Farringdon Chambers, all Leaders in their fields. The Marrache Brothers themselves Lawyers could not have picked a better Team.
 But then you  get the Judges, Leveson LJ in London who refuses an flawlessly argued JR on behalf of the CBA over QASA, Leveson again over  the famous #OpCotton Case again refusing and you wonder what the hell is going on.
 You know what I think??!!
It should go to Appeal.
 The GBC Newsroom has done a sterling job of reporting this Trial. All credit to them for their hard work and support of this Trial and of their support of The Rule of Law, Due process
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3 Responses to The Marrache Fraud Trials Verdicts: The Marrache Brothers are found guilty with Leanne Turner found not guilty I don’t think this Trial has been fair

  1. charts2012 says:

    I think that the trial has been farcical at times… police evidence etc Ben’s statement that ‘We do things differently in Gibraltar’ was a clear admission of dodgy practices in the firm! I think that the 40 million £/$ loss (whichever it is) is the bottom line – they have lived the high-life for years and have ripped off clients to do so. They’re going to have to pay for that with loss of reputation and loss of freedom… I don’t feel sorry for them at all… I feel sorry for their victims not all of whom were high-flyers with loads of money.

  2. Jonathan Blake says:

    Benjamin Marrache admitted he was guilty during the secret recordings .Not only did he admit thieving from clients , but he also admitted thieving from his own sister and countless others who never made a claim through the criminal legal process. He is an arrogant , greedy , lying thief and as such prison is the best place for him. His sidekick , Solomon Marrache is a devious lying thief who makes out he is a good guy. Good guy my ass ……….I hope they both change their ways and attitudes in jail .

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