URGENT I need a Student Lawyer or Student Legal Team (!!!) to defend me at this extremely difficult time Here is your JD

Needed: an experienced Student or even experienced competent Student Legal Team who can work for me Pro Bono on the Case of their lives (real actual practicing experienced qualified Lawyers including QCs can of course volunteer I am not stopping you) Barristers preferred and or Barristers with strong links to their sol side!!



It would be helpful to be able to discuss facts of the Case in complete confidence, in PRIVATE by yourselves.

PR/Reputation skills help too ‘These Chambers rock, this Lawyer is COOOOL’

You must have a heart for me. I must excite you as a person/colleague on Save UK Justice/woman/even cafe christian!!

You must be following recent events closely.

You MUST be a man or woman of the people and be close to the grassroots.

You must be a friend/allie

You must have excellent mediation skills to mediate between different groups who are composed of Senior and Top ranking Lawyers.

You must be liked/loved by me.

Experienced needed in Criminal Law/Welfare Law/Libel Defamation/the Police station/duty lawyering/any other area of Law as and if relevant!!

You and or Team must be fun to be with.

I will give a Public Commendation to those who come up to the plate.

You must love and admire who I adore and admire!!

Cutting edge people preferered.

NB I am hoping to get a Police Statement stating how I have have NO POLICE RECORD in hometown (redacted) over the fifteen years I have been in Supported Housing. I am waiting on Support Workers/family/Police for more and may if legal publish Statement if legal or email it to relevant Chambers.

NNB I have no wish to libel,defame, cause trouble problems etc.

If I do apologies

Initial Task is whole Injunction Business, Police Record appropriate legal way forward in peace and love. I prefer people who are shit hot Lawyers who are nice people as well this combi rocks my world.





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