For Devils Advocates/Shitstorm Advocates out there THE SEXAUL CASE

Defence args to be circulated by  my Fans, Friends, Supporters even if you are actually very afraid for breaking the Party Line.

 A Sketch

A  bunch of Lawyers in the Pub.

You lot are laughing at my unfortunate predicament in not having sex for fifteen years but all of a sudden you are [all] possessed by a singular notion that you might be wrong, that you might be hurting me and that when the news broke you cared not; whilst caring very much for yourselves.

Leading Defence Counsel: ‘So how did you lose your virginity/get out a dry patch’

HONEST CONVO ENSUES which is so honest it’s personally embarassing to reveal as it would show intense vulnerability  by those [lawyers] owning their Deserts.

‘ What do you think she would be like once she got [back gained in first place] her sexaul MOJO?

ALL SORTS OF SCENARIOS HERE that may vere to the sluttish rather than absolute lurrve fest as seen in best sex books Kate owns which are about making LOVE not just fucking each other brains out (valid as well).

‘the [criminal] Bar or  Solicitors’

VOTE is overwhelmingly in favour of the Criminal Bar. Advocacy Reasons!!

‘Worst dry patch’ (pardon the pun)


More rounds of drinks brought as folks weep into their beers.

Sexaul hang ups and neuroses.

Any one [brave] enough to own up to sexaul hang ups and or neuroses.

(needs healing helpul loving partner here big into redemption rather than Bar line of mockery derision etc)

VERY FRANK DISCUSSION HERE that lasts hours and hours.

Tears, fears, consolation, jokes (and shes public about it too a cry for help??!!)

Why didn’t any of us cover her vulnerable arse???


You know you are LOVED as a Lawyer when

1) your arse is defended by a non lawyer

2) your arse is covered in  it’s entirety

3) you recognise it and therefore can be vulnerable leading to healing etc

NOW who  is defending Kate and making up for it.???!!!

Afterparties etc Why isn’t Kate here to show empathy understanding greatness of spirit etc.

Prizes are awarded to folks mad enough to concoct mad schemes to deal with problem in the first place.

Supporting Evidence in it if you look at the Comments I am charitable compared to other  Commentators.






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