Dear Devils Advocates/Shitstorm Advocate Args to use en masse with Campaign Folks and supportive Non Lawyers to be spread virally

Args for all Supporters hidden or overt to use to counter lies, diminishing of  Kate aka govsocgradessex herself amongst the Save UK Justice Community

Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat RT Fave, RT fave RT RT RT these will published as tweets for fans , friends and supporters of Kate to circulate to ensure the widest possible circulation.

Don’t be afraid I have looked at args so far and they are looking weak. Lawyers behaving badly is always grounds for weakness and if lucky defence from your twounsel yours truly!!!

#lifedestroyinglitigiousintent is taking me over the edge

Argue that litigation is unnecessary because the last time Kate fought her battles using NON LITIGIOUS MEANS. The means may involve embarrassment, shame or even redemption!! But they don’t cost you and save on court costs


Just because you are a Lawyer and CAN doesn’t mean you should [litigate]

Remind yourself Kate is a Non Lawyer fighting against 100-200 Lawyers these are the kind of numbers QC’s deal with in terms of complexity and difficulty.#justsaying






Point to Law Care when it is alleged that Kate’s mental illness episodes are damming. Make sure you highlight colleagues/campaign members needing care confidentially of course protecting their privacy. Emphasis that the line between former members of the Criminal Bar entering supported housing is that thin and that they would act as Kate would in her situation ex nihilo out of nowt owt

Point to Kate’s immense growth as a Campaigner/Activist/person/non Lawyer  in between potty episodes. It is NOT all doom and gloom

Campaign folks were NOT listening when I was reaching out for help from ‘the other side’  email phone text easier problems solving than blog. You are forensic advocates what the fuck is wrong with you being willing to have me so vulnerable? you denied me phone,text, mobile, email support shame on you for recognizing me in my hour of stated need!

Emphasize Campaign members overcoming mental illness ending up with spectacular careers. Highlight, highlight, highlight and keep on highlighting. DEAL WITH THE STIGMATIZING OF LAWYERS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS  AND SEE THAT IT IS DEALT WITH IN LAW SO STIGMA IS NO MORE. APPLY LIBERALLY TO CAMPAIGN FRIENDS AND ACTIVISTS.

Do NOT deny the deleterious effects of exposure to mental illness which comes out of stress. it is both just and necessary to take time out but abandonment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!

#graylingadvocacypracticcesessions The Campaign needs difficult situations like this in order to argue both sides.  One as a Non lawyer gets the most tricky situation arg wise.

Would they ask you in an Interview to Bar School ‘what is the most difficult situation you have won’? What would you say??






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