You never got over her how you could suggest I share HOUSE with you is beyond belief!

I always felt inferior because of the black hair , black eyebrows and lashes, dark thing

I was always someone you turned to but you never LOVED me and IF YOU DID you never had the heart or guts to show it ie let me GO OFFLINE where I would have impacted your wretched life with my love.

If LOVE is the hook you gave me NONE OF IT you listened to me NOUGHT.

No LOVE HOOK to hook me up to you in Scotland , My Unconsummated Ex.

But when the shit hit the fan as local woman rejected you you soon filled my mind with your dirty words that I am so tempted to publish here. Dirty words that never saw the light of day in speedy ACTION. It wa.s always imaginary, always online via IM NEVER to be consummated REALITY.  EDITED If you fell for me as in Ponzi and zhe you never had the guts to show it.

Why when I was/am the only woman who would screw you??!!

Your selfishness as to oral repulses me it is definitely a two way trade but you made it one WHY!!!!??


But I smelt your SONGS, I HEARD YOUR MUSIC and thought though anecdotally and unconfirmed that your heart was not mine. You wanted my pussy but you would NOT love the one who was asking for LOVE.

I have news for you.


because on this Save UK Justice Campaign i am at risk of things working out at last if only they weren’t so fucked up.


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