@edstradling @John_Cooper_QC I am sure there is nothing to it but where is John’s Campaign Speech? All Campaign Videos don’t include JCQC Speechs!!

@edstradling @John _Cooper_QC It has come to my attention that we have John Cooper Photos, of him at The Old Palace Yard on the First Demo but NO VIDEO. This can’t be right as JCQC is one of our leading Campaigners who frequently takes the Campaign by the balls so to speak to help us in the right direction.

So why No Video?

I and we look forward to watching his Youtube Video if there is one! We also look forward to hearing future Campaign  Speeches by JCQC as he is a powerful voice of sanity in a Campaign that has gone skewwiff.












20140220_035649 pm.png

These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google which is crap and nosy by the way. Google wants to scan your faces, #intrusiveofprivacy
Try it out here: http://picasa.google.com/

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