I get my hands on a JR SCRIPT!!!!!!! #JoePublicwantstolearnhowtoMockTrialANDTHENSOME!!



wonderperson (@govsocgradessex)
05/05/2014 10:40 am
I am wondering how ordinairy mortals like me can learn to JR orgs? #JRforBeginners #JoePublicwanttolearnhowtoMockTrialJRsgivehimachance!

govsocgradessex Forget it. If Grayling gets his way there will be no practical JRs. REDACTED LAWYER

I just need an idea of structure how do you go about it.#joepublicwantstolearnhowtomocktrialandthensomeJRswilldonicelyscripted

REDACTED govsocgradessex Hi – there are some transcripts of judicial reviews in public domain

Crikey Thank you mate!!! TO REDACTED LAWYER

You are beyond awesome. thank you so much for being so open and receptive to my unusual question.it betrays grt insight.

it looks as if we r edging into VHCC land but not to worry.#adventurousjoepublicfanciesmocktrialingJRs!!! TO REDACTED LAWYER

It only remains for me to read the Transcript and evaluate it for complexity.

At first dibs it appears that the more sensible route is to get some
Basic Legal Ed before embarking on the wonders of exploring JR as a
legal means of redress and of translating it into Joe Public Legal Ed
and the Football Team does a JR, Nurse Legal Eagles JR the

This little Beauty gets me some Basic Legal Knowledge and it promises
to challenge me to the core with new needs like learning Legal Facts,
being able to learn it in prodigious quantity.

In my mind I am turning round Basic Facts: Offences are either
Summary, Indictable or Triable both ways, Triable both ways is where
the action is. A Magistrates Court consists of three JP’s .

Magistrates Courts have three JPs, a clerk is the one who has legal
knowledge to make sure trial goes as it should.

 Offences consist of two primary elements: the actus reus and the mens rea.

  Parasitic Liability is tricky to work out.

Joint Enterprise Offences pose the most problems.

PACE 1984 is a fundamentally important Act in  the Police station.

    I probably have fucked up here Cut this is  just  a sample of of
what I am thinking.


 Thank you to REDACTED LAWYER for this mighty kind act. I hope i haven’t
offended by blogging about it as I will once i have been privilidged
to read the actual JR.

 #GibLaw throws up some interesting insights:  Lawyers are more fused

in Gibralter whereas in UK they are separated into Barristers and

PACE 1984 is the Statute that greets you in the Police Station.

A few random thoughts  about Law. A bloody great Opportunity in this wonderful JR Transcript.















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