Homework and Hashtags: a few thoughts in addition to Campaigning ie help solve our collective advocacy problem ie get the Judge to listen

Successsful Hashtags

5-6 RT

Courts are being fucked over by Government.
#crapita #interpscrisis
via John Cooper QC

Use Crime and Criminal Justie Weekly a Legal Journal for Criminal Practioners in the Magistrates Courts to work on some questions of which the majority seem to be to do with Sentencing/Rehabiliation particularly Sentencing which I found out via @lassoftruthdc and Jon Mack was not fit for purpose.
I have to try as an #elitenonalawyer get behind this issue and work out what correct Sentencing involes.
Other work includes downloading Cases and analysing them just like i did in the good old days at Save UK Justice pre John Cooper QC following me which has led me to be exposed to LIVE Trials and LIVE Cases that are often Pre-Court so lots to explore there!!! All thanks to john for letting me in on this exciting project.
Continue Commentary on #MarracheFraudTrial in Gib.
But #opcotton might need a bit of attention as its a Fraud trial that threatens te career of #failinggrayling
Use the magnificent Crime and Criminal Justice Weekly website which I hopefully still have access too.

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