I am under so much stress I brought ‘Attorney for the Damned’ Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom #DevilsAdvocacy #ShitstormAdvocacy

I am under so much stress that I accidently brought ‘Attorney for the dammed’ Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom.   A Book that I brought alongside @John Cooper QC’s Book ‘Cruelty an analyis of Article 3’ in order that I can get inside his head on the issues of Cruelty to humans vis a vis Animals (Both important). Because it was my Birthday, happily ignored on Save UK Justice Twitter.



Cruelty: An Analysis of “Article 3






Everyone will know that I am in the Mother Father Sister and Brother and all their Cousins and remote Aunties of a Crisis.

Where NOTHING is safe with a Campaign against me that is affecting me in negative wearing ways forcing me to work out new ways to fight back in order to survive.

This Crisis comes on the heels of the previous Crisis which basically was ‘we don’t get you’ plus redacted stuff so no sooner than that one passes then this one begins!!

I don’t need it me versus  Save UK Justice think of that as a Twitter Court Case!

Hence the book…..

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2 Responses to I am under so much stress I brought ‘Attorney for the Damned’ Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom #DevilsAdvocacy #ShitstormAdvocacy

  1. Bernard Marx says:

    Hope you had a cracking birthday!

    • katesjc6189 says:

      Thanks Bernard (my favourite Law Student!)
      My birthday was quiet, spent in London with my family who invited me last moment. My focus being on Save UK Justice and the horrible crisis I am in..
      All I want for my Birthday are Save UK Justice WishList!

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