My new book: Internet Privacy Rights

This Book found via!all @TheCriminalBar Paper Li Internet Paper consisting of highlights of Twitter Activity.
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Paul Bernal's Blog

IPR photo My first book has just been published – the official publication date is 27th March 2014.

The title says quite a lot about the book: Internet Privacy Rights – Rights to Protect Autonomy. It is an academic book, in the CUP series ‘Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law’ (hence the morse code under my name) but I hope that it is accessible to people other than legal or IT academics – to me, the subject needs more exposure and more understanding far beyond the ivory towers of academia.

Not just legal rights…..

What’s more, the ‘rights’ that are the subject of the book are not ‘legal’ rights in a direct sense – though they have a relationship with legal rights. Rather, the book looks at the rights that we, people who use the internet (and that’s most of us), believe we should have, rights that we need to have, rights…

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