Silk (Series 3, Episode 6) – The End

The Silk Finale which I managed to comment on on Twitter. You DON’T go for Re-Examination unless you can possibly help it. You DON’T lose all sense of perspective in the Courtroom. Martha Costello QC performance. All I wanted was to protect her. Put my arms around her and see her restore her sense of Professional Pride. Keep a lid on the affections. Stop her from going wrong. It was horrible to watch her disintegration.
Dan Bunting a regular CBA Blogger does a magnficent job commentary wise. I shall just add as I have stated in previous Posts that we can all collectively get behind John Cooper QC as our de facto Writer in Residence and see if we can hit the General Pubiic with fabulous Legal Drama. I also think the #SaveuKJustice Campaign needs to capitalize on the #BBCSilkCensorship and milk it for all it is worth to all Silks 9m fans.

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So, that’s your lot. Three series of six episodes each, 18 hours of tv in total, and ‘Silk’ bows out. As it does not appear to have been planned (at the time of making) to be the final finale, will everything be wrapped up nicely?


Last week, unusually, the major plot line of the Court part of the episode wasn’t wrapped up in one hour. The major part of this was the murder trial of Sean MacBride.

We left as Sean was having a fight with Clive (who has left the case as a result). The trial carries on with only two silks from Shoe Lane. And then one, as Caroline went AWOL at a crucial time, leaving Amy to take one of the main police officers in chief. Everyone is getting a bit tense and rattled. And Martha keeps making speeches. And the witnesses are over-acting. By a third…

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