An Open Letter

I am shocked at the CBA’s Stance particularly as they have been at the forefront of radical action by the Bar to bring the CJS to a halt. I hope that the rank and file can steer the CBA of its suicidal path and back into Campaigning Righteousness.

A view from the North

This is the email that I have sent this afternoon to the leadership of the CBA. I have not done so lightly. If you agree with me then please comment on this blog or, even better, send your email thoughts to the CBA. Both Nigel Lithman and Tony Cross have their email addresses on the contacts page on the CBA website. I am afraid it is not enough to moan on Twitter or in the robing room. I may be a lone voice of dissent but if I am not then it is important to say so now and to say it to those who can do something.

Before I simply reproduce my email can I say I started this blog because of the whole Save UK Justice thing. I have enjoyed writing it tremendously and have appreciated all your kind words. I have no idea whether I will…

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