What Next?

It is a very serious thing to reblog.
I am reblogging Simon Myerson’s QC Article because I believe we need to do TWO things at once and NOT JUST ONE.
The CBA our Leader rightly favourited SM Tweet where SM objected to the Strilke on the basis of breaking conditions. I hope The CBA might see this Reblog in a similar way.
I was at Lincolns Inn at the Legal Aid Rally no different from anyone else, there at the Bar in Spirit but not in person. This reblog is no moderation of my default CJS Disruption position. I just think we need to look at barrister incomes and sustainability issues at the same time.

Pupillage and How to Get It

Environergy - Solar PV and Thermal ENERGY - What Next We can’t trust the Ministry of Justice. The response of the Attorney-General to the current policy of no returns (with which I do not agree) at the Bar Council meeting on Saturday was to threaten the Bar with OCOF. That was, in fact, an eminently predictable position and I shall deal with the CBA’s failure to predict it (or if they did predict it to tell us about it) later. But the AG attends the Bar Council as an ex officio member. He is there as the senior member of the profession, not as the Secretary of State’s snout. It may be that he intended his threat to be a friendly warning, but as a politician his antennae are supposed to be better than that. He is perfectly entitled to be against the current policy and perfectly entitled to say so. But, in the end, he must assess where his…

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