I am a pupil barrister who can’t afford to buy any practitioner textbooks

The Pauperization of Pupil Barristers in Pupillage. You couldn’t make this up. Somewhere else in Campaign Cyberspace I know of a Lawyer who cannot afford her wig.#ThecoercedforcedPauperizationoftheBar

icon_32025 I am a 29 year old pupil barrister awarded £14,000 to train in immigration and asylum, employment, housing, and family law.

There is no typical day at work in my job, but generally I will be following someone to court or doing paperwork which includes research and drafting advice, statements of case, grounds of appeal, grounds of judicial review, and skeleton arguments. In the second half of my pupillage I will have my own cases. So, with the support of my supervisor, I will be representing people in court or in tribunals. Our supervisors are not paid any extra to train us.

Nearly all of the clients my chambers serves are on a low income and many are facing a huge range of difficulties. Among many cases, I have helped a 16 year old boy with a tough family background charged with drug dealing offences. He got a second chance…

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