Silk (Series 3, Episode 2) from The Criminal Law Blog who work with the fine Northpod Law

The Lawyers speak on the law and the inconsistencies and inaccuracies of famed drama Silk which garners audiences of 9m.

UK Criminal Law Blog



Last week’s opener went down pretty in the legal community on twitter (due to concerns about its accuracy). We at UK Criminal Law Blog know that accuracy does not entertainment make – six hours of Martha sitting around waiting for the list office to find a court for her trial before being sent home because the MoJ had cut the budget and there were no jurors would be realistic, if a bit too Pinteresque for most people’s tastes.

But we’re certainly sticking with it. So, onto episode two …


Jordan Sinclair is a professional footballer (no legal aid this week either) who takes an elbow to an opponent on the pitch. It’s pretty open and shut and therefore there’s only one option – call for Martha!

The other half of her double act, Clive Reader (now Clive Reader QC) is prosecuting (it’s a small world on BBC1), cue…

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