#SpecialistLawFirmoftheDay Canter Levin and Berg


#SolsLove My Hashtag
These are a really nice bunch of people who deserve your support. They seem very sensitive, aware, all qualities that go down nicely in my estimation as cocktail slips down your throat with a delicious Chinese meal. Unlike the chaps below.



The MOJ wants to give vulnerable people an inferior system which creates miscarriages of justice because it only wants rich people to get decent services not ordinary people.


The US PDS is being cut back!!! The Goverment is deliberately covertly pauperizing the Criminal Bar so  experienced qaulified people are forced to leave. Save UK Justice @TheCriminalBar is full of stories of  people who have been forced to leave for their own sanity, work life balance, financial reasons. The Post Laspo  Bar is under siege in order  for the Govt to bring in PDS via the back door.


Whatever you do then read the hashtags



# SavingtheIndependentBarforthepublicgood

#DontkillofftheCriminalBar My one which ought to be hashtaged IMHO.

Get informed and get stuck and give those lovely lawyers something to talk about!!! Ie distinguish yourself by your tweeting, by your aqquisition of legal knowledge and ability to use it even though you will feel your brains capacity stretch way beyond its ever been exercised before.


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