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#Chambersoftheday Garden Court Chambers

Home of such  Campaign Luminaries as Michael Turner QC, Joanne Cecil, Dexter Dias QC, Mark George QC,


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About Us


It has been 38 years since Garden Court Chambers was established. Throughout our history we have worked with thousands of campaigning organisations and individuals to fight injustice and inequality.

Reflecting the size and diversity of specialisms at Garden Court, we have three Joint Heads of Chambers: Henry Blaxland QCKathryn Cronin and Stephen Knafler QC.

Leading multi-disciplinary chambers

Our multi-disciplinary expertise has proved vital to clients where cases bridge a number of areas. This innovative approach has enabled us to contribute to developments in the law. It continues to give us an advantage in terms of the service we offer and we understand the demand for help with issues where traditional specialisms overlap. Garden Court has 140 tenants from a wide range of backgrounds, working in and across the following areas: CrimeImmigrationFamilyHousing and Civil (Claims Against The Police & Public AuthoritiesCommunity CareEmployment & DiscriminationPlanning & Environmental LawGypsy & Traveller Rights,InquestsMental HealthPrison LawPublic & Administrative LawWelfare Benefits.)

We have an on-going history of ground-breaking cases

Garden Court has been involved in many landmark cases and decisions, particularly in the areas of crime, immigration, claims against the police and public authorities and inquests. We have acted in many of the recent anti-terrorism cases and have historically been involved in overturning great miscarriages of justice, including the Birmingham Six and the case of Derek Bentley.

A passionate belief in human rights and social justice

Garden Court has always been driven by our strong ethics and a passionate belief in human rights and social justice. This affects all of our practice areas and is reflected in our work. At the same time we preserve our duty of independence.  We have advised and represented organisations such as JUSTICE, LIBERTY, the Equal Opportunities Commission, Disability Rights Commission and Commission for Racial Equality.

Many of our barristers also undertake a substantial amount of pro-bono work and we have won the Bar Pro Bono Award.

The progression of civil liberties and access for all to social justice is important to us. Consequently we aim to support other organisations that support our agenda of inclusion and our commitment to diversity and equality. Every member of chambers contributes to a ‘Special Fund‘ which supports the work of smaller organisations to carry out legal, campaigning or charitable work in defence of civil liberties and social justice.

Choose these guys instead of the Public Defender Service PDS which will only treat your Case like a  Sausage  Factory.

Vulnerable people need Lawyers who will spend time with them who will take time to gain trust which is impossible under PDS when you only have minutes to explain your Case instead of hours as you would with proper Legal Representation.









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