Workfare v Save UK Justice a Special Post for all my Legally minded Wowzers

Out of date PC’s that have to be shared with inmates.
Save UK Justice
What you fancy using? Your Tablet make it as fancy as you like? your PC, your Laptop Netbook?
An indifferent invariably YOUNG women telling you to get up early make yourself smart etc and for goodness sake get a work ethic or
Save UK Justice
You realise that its best to get up bright and early that you need to be tweeting during Court Time to nab support from daytime social media. That if you don’t smarten up you  are dead meat. Indeed if you aren’t drop dead gorgeous you are fucked.


Boredom, disinterest by workfare providers.

 Save UK Justice

You LITERALLY don’t know what is round the corner when an unexpected demand is placed on you and you need to step up to the plate to help the Campaign.


Predetermined job route into an unstable precarariot into jobs that are dictated by an Elite forcing neoliberal policies on an an unwilling electorate.

 Save UK Justice

Hopefully how long is a piece of string.????!!!!

So here is a few of the following.

  •   You learn that contributing to the ‘args’ via blogging is the key to their hearts. Anything that helps bring the Campaign forward is lovingly reblogged RT and applauded and cherished. Therefore if your humble non lawyer self is featured on a mission critical  Campaign org site you feel chuffed and wish to repeat the experience!!!
  •  Being featured in key Campaign Mags is always a good thing to desire. Ambition is your friend.
  •  You cannot hate on yourself anymore it is incompatible with the glamourzons that dominate the  Campaign eg Legal Selfies, Sexy Lawyers. You cannot but take part in a revolution on yourself.
  •  You wonder what your Save UK Justice experiences would look like in a borderline JR? Case abilities v disabilities and need to survive.
  •  Benefits help participation skills development etc.
  •  You imagine life in Chambers Baby Barista style. Naturally you are the girlfriend in the story but you have a wicked streak.
  •  PLAYING HARD is as important as WORKING HARD. Equally one for much mulling and contemplation. Lawyer friends indispensable for this.
  •  You imagine  Save UK Justice Lawyers cutting mean dance moves in the Mother of  All Wig and Gown Parties and OMFG what a sight to behold.!!!!!! Naturally you work on a few of your own. Stage Presence, Social Presence. Court Presence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The relief of all is palpable and the Celebrations are unabashedly shameless. Campaign Achievements are projected onto the walls and the select group of Elite Non Lawyers perform a little sketch mock trial  of #FailingGrayling. There is wild applause.  The Non Lawyers are grinning from ear to ear especially me.
  •  You are daft enough to believe  Joe Public should be given a chance to show the blessed and fortunate youngsters a thing or two about  Mock Trialing preferably Mooting as well but lets stick to getting the School kids  Version off the ground!!!










Sign. RT get the args read the Hashtags and get your legal head on if you are Non Lawyer. If Lawyer come on Board !!


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