Cometh the Man, Cometh the Hour Nigel Pascoe QC’s idea of College of Advocacy based at the Inn

A College Of Advocacy – the pursuit of life long excellence
Posted on September 28, 2013
It is not a new idea. But it might resolve a terrible conflict. QASA has been rejected by the Bar but the days of total self regulation have gone. Unless we can promote a working alternative, my circuit and another are first in line for professional suicide.

The principle:

A College of Advocacy set up to replicate the advocacy training of the Inns for the life long regulation of all professional advocates.

Mandatory refresher courses for all professional advocates every three years

The trainers should be recruited from the best of the current Inn and Circuit and professional association trainers.

Here is how it might be created

1. A conference chaired by Lord Judge with the Chairman of the Bar, the President of the Law Society, representatives of each Inn, Circuit and Professional association to adopt the principle and consider the financial implications.

2. The establishing of an Advocacy Board with a tight administrative supporting structure

3. Trainers appointed and Training venues to be agreed

4. The very practical refresher courses to be a professional obligation – non attendance carrying ultimately the certainty of suspension.

5. Successful completion of the course would result in an advocacy kite mark. That means the course would be partly competitive.,


We need to work with the BSB to implement the concept. That means no more slagging off fellow professionals charged with an impossibly difficult mandate.

I now appeal to all my working professional colleagues to improve the idea.

Nigel Pascoe QC

The BSB need an earful like TLS so it’s very difficult from my point of view to maintain an impartial cool demeanor  in the face of   Lawyer  regulation bodies doing things to decimate the Profession.  How Pascoe does it or  Simon Myerson QC does I do not know it would take a cool head not to react to such provocation; especially as QASA forced has the power to kill advocacy which is already under fire due to pauperizing rates of pay.









Sign RT and get others on board as well!


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